Saturday, December 31, 2011

Painting Plans for 2012

I’ll have fresh battle report for you on January 1 as Dave and I duked it out medieval HoTT style this afternoon (%^*%#ing dragons). But I wanted to make one final quick post before the year was out.

Last year I painted 2870 figures, which was almost double my 2010 total and far more than I thought I would. In 2012, I’m aiming for only about 1000. That should allow for a fair bit of commission work plus a chance to paint my pile down to nothing.

First up are a bunch of plastic 28mm ancients that have lingered for several years. I have 16 Roman republican foot to do, a few mounted, maybe 30 Imperial legionnaires and a couple of sprues of Celts (who seem to be breeding while I’m not looking). Following them will be some 28mm Carthaginians, although I may do some 15mm Ancient Spanish first to fund the completion of the Carthaginian army.

Thereafter, there are some 1/72 British AWI reinforcements but they are a low priority as I have a huge number already painted and based. So likely I’ll return to 28mm plastics and try to finish off some medieval pike and then some renaissance foot.

My big push this year is to get my terrain up to snuff. My trees are crying out for refurbishment and I could do with some roads, walls and some large buildings for superhero gaming. I also have thoughts about painting my Battlelore figures, but I think that would be an autumn project, if at all.

I guess we’ll see how far I got with these projects in a year’s time. Now off to do some skating before the end of the year.


Dale said...

That sounds like you didn't get my post with 6mm and 42mm troops ... or are you only listing the stuff you are going to do for yourself?



Bob Barnetson said...

Only listing my stuff! Your package is still en route and will get worked in as soon as it arrives. Part of the "commissions" work which adds so much variety. 42mm hand-crafted wood-figures here I come!