Sunday, April 29, 2018

Pulp Alley Gangsters

I'm going to run a game of Pulp Alley at the club this week. It has been awhile since I've played so Bruce hosted a gangsters themed game this week so I could refresh my memory about the finer points of the rules.

A new addition to his gangster set up (beyond the cut-down buildings with access to the interiors) was this trolley car that was liberated from his beloved's shelf of mementos.

A new mechanic we tried out was recruiting bystanders. Basically, you can recruit by contacting and passing a check up until the first shot of the game. I managed to pick up granny and the bellman before Bruce opened fire.

Of the left side of the table, the gangsters advance, trying to bring enough power to bear against the cop's leader to knock him out. No joy there!

Over on the right side, the gangster leader (background) is shooting it out with two cops. Unbeknownst to them, the bellman is sneaking up behind them.

I was fiddling with new camera angles on my phone...

...and wasn't paying enough attention to the head copper making a bee-line for my still!

He broke the still (the major plot point) and a running firefight through the alleys ensued.

Meanwhile, granny duked it out with a copper.

And over on the right side, the firefight continued until Bruce managed to grab a minor plot point and scarper off the board, clearly winning the game for the poh-poh.

I'm putting the finishing touches on my club game today. I'm going to do a May the 4th themed scenario. Mostly trying to not over-complicate the game with too many special rules or conditions. Looks like five-person gangs plus some roving NPCs.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Full Thrust at the club

Bruce hosted a game of Full Thrust at the club this week. He used the newer Full Thrust rules which streamlined a few things and we started off using hidden movement.

The first few turns saw red team's light ships take a pounding from the white team. The two carriers moved towards the planet (out of frame to the right) that was the victory objective.

Scott rolled a life-time of six's flying the white team's light ships.

By mid-game, the carriers were about to engage by the planet while the rest of team red was in some serious trouble. Team white had launched a salvo of missiles (blue markers just barely visible below).

The carrier battle was blood (for the fighters) but not super damaging.

Team red's carrier then moved into orbit around the plant, chased by team whites lights.

While I didn't snap a shot, team red's carrier looped around the planet just as team red's missile salvo finally caught up with it and that was basically the game. A pretty fun space game with more balanced fighter rules than the original.

As summer has arrived, I will be moving to one post per week (likely Saturday's) from two.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

More 15mm WW2 for sale

Alright, some more 15mm WW2 are on the block this week. Pick-up in Edmonton or shipping at cost.

First up is a set of three Battlefront M-5 Stuarts. These are late-war tanks, suitable for the western front. The tanks are decaled and a touch muddy. One hs a commander.

I'd like $20 for these.

Next up is a lot of 2 Hornisse sporting an 88mm gun. The units are painted, decaled, washed and sealed.

I'd like $20 for the pair.

Finally, I have a lot of 15 early- to mid-war German soft skins to transport your troops. Good for France, Russia, or the desert. There are five Opel Blitzes (above).

There are also two Krupp Kfz 70 trucks and three Horch Kfz 15 cars (above) and four Steyr Kfz 70 trucks and a Kubel wagon below.

I have left the bases unfinished. I'd be happy to paint them for you for free. Or you could easily finish them yourself.

I'd like $45 for this lot. Offers to

Saturday, April 14, 2018


I was over at Bruce's place on Tuesday for another go at FUBAR. Bruce had reduced the ranges a bit and we wanted to see how that played versus last week's game at the club.

This was also my first look at Bruce's new gaming table. This is one sweet table and replaces the plywood-on-a-workmate that we've been using for 10 years!

My objectives has to hold the bridge behind the building in the middle of the table. I just had to prevent the enemy from being able to use it. Bruce had some paratroops already in the paper building he worked up this week.

My guys came on at random and we used blinds. As one would expect, my troops came on on opposite sides of the board and I rushed to the middle to try and secure the building,

This this (above) happened. And then this (below) also happened. It was basically a nightmare as I was stuck feeding in troops piecemeal while Bruce picked them apart.

There were some moments of hope when I started to get some flank attacks and lucky rolls.

But that hope was soon dashed.

The more reinforcements arrived and I tried to salvage what I could of my forces to try again another day.

The shorter ranges worked well and overall, it was a good game.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

More 15mm WW2 for sale

Continuing with last week's post, I have completed rehabbing some more of the 15mm WW2 German vehicles I picked up in trade.

First up this week are three Battlefront metal-and-resin Jadgpanthers. The camo has been handprinted and the tanks are numbered consecutively (312-314).

I'd like $45 for this unit of three (shipping is extra at cost).

Next up are three Battlefront metal Waffentrager. These are mobile 88mm AA guns (presumably also employable in an ATG role).  These are painted buff with camouflage washed on, a black wash, seal and decals as shown.

I'd like $30 for this unit (shipping extra at cost).

The third unit this week is four Grille 150mm SPGs. These have a base coat buff with camp washed on, a wash, sealer and decals as show below.

The guns all have crews and are ready for a mis-adventure in Italy, Russia, or western Europe. These are resit and metal miniatures from Battlefront.

I'd like $40 for this lot of 4. Shipping is extra at cost.

The fourth lot are four STuG 3s. These are plastic miniatures of an unknown manufacturers. Three have skirts and one does not. All have commanders. Paint is a bast coat of buff with camp washed on, a wash, sealer and decals.

I'd like $40 for the four STuGs. Shipping is extra at cost.

The fifth unit this week are four metal Battlefront Jadgpanzer 4s. The paint appears to be airbrushed on with leopard spots and leaf patterns applied by hand. Each tank is decaled as shown.

I'd like $40 for this unit. Shipping is extra at cost. Offers to Next week there will be some more units (depending on what I get done).

Saturday, April 7, 2018

FUBAR at the club

We had six guys out at the club on Tuesday. Terry and Dan played a game of Shadows of Brimstone (no pictures turned out, alas). Bruce hosted Richard, Chen and myself in a game of FUBAR 2.

The good guys (left) enter and must capture the white farmhouse on the far right. The bad guys entered on a die roll from the right. The dice were unkind and this gave the good guys lots of time to move across the board without taking much fire.

Eventually, we were able to secure the bridges and move our foot across them under cover of fire from the walkers.  Richard managed to seize an important ruin to jump off from in his final push on the objective.

The bad guys did eventually get their troops on board but had a terrible time with the dice and got picked apart.

Below, Richard has rushed the house and shortly thereafter forcefully evicted the former tenants. Despite some casualties, his troops were firmly entrenched.

I managed to work one of my mechs around the right flank to surprise the bad guys with a ATGM. Alas, it did precisely zero damage before getting knocked about pretty badly. We called it for the good guys after about 100 minutes of play.

Pretty slick rules. Bruce suggested dropping the firing ranges to allow a bit more maneuver. This seems sensible. The damage mechanics saw even saved hits causing damage and glancing blows was a nice touch. It made me reluctant to expose my vehicles unless it was absolutely necessary.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

15mm WW2 Germans for sale

I don't really do commission work any more, but every once and awhile I run across a deal that is too good to pass up. Last week, I bought a job lot of 15mm WW2 Germans. Some were well painted, others were only base coated or had some chipping. I have been rehabbing and finishing sensible units for re-sale.

First up is fourth Panthers. These are plastic models (not sure of manufacturer). Base camo is air brushed with hand-painted leopard spots. Washed and sealed (matt). Both sides of turrets have decals and numbers are sequential (765-768). German cross on back of turret. One hatch is open for a commander.

I'd like $40 for the Panthers. Shipping at cost is extra.

The next lot are 4 plastic German hanomags with riders.  I think the base coat was hand painted. Three crosses on each vehicle.  No idea on manufacturer.

I'd like $30 for the halftracks. Shipping is extra at cost.

The last set in this batch are three metal and resin Battlefront King Tigers. These have an airbrushed base coat with leopard spots added by hand. Decals on both sides of turret with sequential numbers (321-323) plus a cross on the back of turret. Note that one has no mud guards (foreground of picture above).

I'd like $40 for the King Tigers. Shipping is extra at cost. Offers to . I will have more units as the weeks go on--trying to match paint to fix mistakes and minor damage is a tricky business!