Saturday, August 27, 2022


A friend asked me to paint his figures from Gloomhaven, which I take it is some kind of adventure game with figures that unlock as you go. Since the figures are all boxed up, there may be some spoilers below (sorry).

Overall, the figures were harder painting than I normally do. Each pose was unique (i.e., no one in standard fatigues or outfits). But there were some recurring elements that needed to be consistent. These were sometimes not apparent until I'd already painted them a different colour. 

Nobody ended up getting stripped, but a lot of paint blistered due to high-volume swearing! I also did not have the character cards, so I had to work from the images I could find online plus some guess work.

Overall, they turned out okay. The wash really pulled them together by popping the muted detail on some of the sculpts.

Happy they are done and not a complete embarrassment! Now back to some Star Wars.

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Star Wars Legion rebel troopers

I ground my way through one of the rebel troopers expansion boxes for Star Wars Legion that I picked up.

There were seven figures and I painted them in a quasi-jungle scheme.

Nice figures and the official hints the cane with were pretty decent.

I have three more squads of these guys to do so I'll need to vary the uniforms a bit (maybe another jungle unit and then two with more arid fatigues? I also have three AT-RT walkers plus another Luke.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Star Wars Legion Rebel Troopers

A fellow nearby was selling a bunch of Star Wars Legion rebel figures on Facebook a few weeks back so I snagged them along with the paints he was using. 

The first group I did were some rebel fleet troopers and Luke from Bespin (which keeps autocorrecting to Bedpan).

These are pretty nice figures and painted up well enough, I think.

Up next: I have some more Star Wars cooking plus more Gloomhaven.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Miscellaneous fantasy

This week is a hodge-lodge of fantasy figures. First up are three Hogwarts figure Hagrid, McGonagall and Mad-Eye. These are some metal toys that I stripped last year. I have half a dozen left to paint. 

A friend also asked me to paint his Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion figures.

I've no idea what the deal is with this game but the figures are boxed individually. So I pulled them out, carefully recorded which went in which box, and have returned them.

I tried to make the mecha look like it had seem some stuff.

I have some Star Wars Legion figures on my table and another box of Gloomhaven to dig into.