Thursday, February 28, 2013

More square bashing

Bruce hosted me in another game of Square bashing by Peter Pig. This time we tried Turks versus whomever Bruce was playing (Arabs?). We had thought a different theatre would result in a more open game but I gimmicked the terrain to channel his attack to my left.

And attack he did, rushing across the board and pushing my poor guys off the hill, off the objective and off the board. Then his dice-rolls turned poopy and none of his reinforcements arrived for the whole game. I was able to  ecover the hill, repel a couple of attacks and win a handy victory. It is good to be lucky!

Up next: I have a bunch of stuff under way. A couple of 15mm WW2 objectives are built and being based. As one is a truck that has fallen through some ice, I'm having to learn as I go. Fingers crossed! I also have a 1/72 Imperial Roman army underway--some Strelets legionnaires are almost based and some light troops are ready to prime. And I am chipping away on some superhero buildings.

Friday, February 22, 2013

War of 1812: Battle of North Point

We had a good crew out at the club on Tuesday night and I put on a game of For Honour and Glory. The scenario was North Point (September 14, 1814) as the British pressed on from burning Washington towards Baltimore.

They were opposed by a scratch force of American militia (who seriously sucked). Historically, the Americans withdrew under fire and bloodied the British enough to win the day. We played the scenario three times, eventually opting for the historical fighting withdrawal in order to deny the British a win under their time constraints.

This historical approached worked pretty well and the Americans almost won by time and by casualties. Fortunately for the redcoats, a lucky roll gave them a clean sweep of the night. Good to have the 1812 guys out again.

Up next: I have some more 15mm Flames of War figures on the go (objective markers) and picked up a few 1/72 figures while I was in Calgary this week at a conference.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Last of the 15mm FoW Germans

The last two pieces of this commission include some AA assets in the form of a Flak 43 platoon. These fellows were tricky to assemble and I was most appreciative of the instructions on the Battlefront website.

This army also includes a unit of infiltrators wearing US uniforms and driving jeeps. These apparently have an interesting disruptive effect on the other side during game play and are a nice little extra for the army.

Up next: Some HO-scale buildings are underway and I will be running an 1812 game at the club on Tuesday. Then perhaps some more Riel Rebellion troops?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

15mm FoW Germans

I'm just finishing up a 15mm WW2 commission (some German Battle of the Bulge troops for Flames of War) and doing some final sealing of the snow bases. In the meantime, I have finished a plan and two tanks.

The plane is an Me-262 in a ground-attack role. My brother had one of these in 1/72 back the 1980s (completely useless for gaming purposes!) and I recall quite liking the lines of it. This one want together well enough with washes over a white primer to keep the panel lines visible. A nifty flight stand with magnets too.

This army also includes two jadgpanthers. At the request of the owner, I added some snow. One fellow is peaking out of his hatch and could serve as a unit commander.

Up next: Some AA guns and commandos round out this unit. Then there is club night on Tuesday so I need to get together a War of 1812 game for that. Afterwards I don't know what is next--Some buildings maybe.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

FS painted TOS/TMP Federation Fleet 1/3700

I have for sale a painted, 1/3700 Star Trek The Original Series/The Motion Picture Fleet. These are a mix of metal and plastic figures. All have magnets glued to the bottom so they can sit on black washers which disappear into the black playing cloth. The washers are not a part of this lot (to save on shipping).

There are four Constitution class cruisers and one light cruiser. These make up the core of the fleet. They are supported by a mix of heavier ships (below) includeing a cruiser, battle tug and dreadnaught.

There are also some slight ships, including two destroyer flotillas based around a light cruiser.

There are also five Excelsior class ships for some TMP punch.

A couple of extra ships, including a TMP Enterprise and two kit bashes.

There are a bunch of cargo and passenger transports as well as two more warships.

Finally, there are five ships that you  can paint yourself!

All in 48 ships here ready to hit the table. I'd like $250 (including postage in Canada or the US) for this fleet. If you also buy the Klingon Fleet I have for sale, I'll throw in a 4x6 Hotz star mat (hexed) for free. Offer to

FS painted 1/3700 TOS/TMP Klingon fleet

I have for sale a painted 1/3700 Klingon fleet from Star Trek The Original Series/The Motion Picture. These are a mix of plastic and metal figures. Each miniature has a magnet attached which allows it to grab a black washer base. These disappear into the black gaming cloth. The washers are not a part of this sale (as shipping that much metal is too expensive!).

The fleet includes four small warbirds (D-5s?) in metal (above) and three plastic D-7 warbirds below. These seven ships pose a good challenge to any Federation admiral.

There are also three metal larger ships, including the nightmarish B-10 (below, right) which can take on an entire Federation fleet itself.

Finally there are some smaller ships to plunder transports and harry the flanks.

All in there are 14 ships and I'd like $100 (including shipping in Canada or the US). If you also buy the Federation Fleet I have for sale, I will throw in a 6x4 Hotz space may (hexed) for free. Offers to .

Monday, February 11, 2013

15mm WW2 Germans

I'm puttering away on a 15mm WW2 commission (Germans troops for the Bulge) and finished off an infantry company. These are Flames of War models and this infantry company has nice cuts out for the integral bases on the unit base.

There were five bases of panzerschrecks. That is a lot of anti-armour power!

There were also two bases of MG/panzerfaust teams. I continued on with the winter basing scheme. I see one of the bases has a slight snow drift crack--I think I will got back and seal the drifts individually.

There were also ten bases of panzerfausts with assault rifles and panzerfausts with rifles--I split them up according to the box instructions but didn't bother to sort the bases for the photo below. As I said, a lot of anti-tank in this box!

I put trees on a couple of bases and did a short section of fence on one to mix it up a bit (visually).

Finally, there were five bases of leaders.

All told, a nice unit and that puts me half-way through the commission. Up next are some AA guns, two jadgpanthers and an Me-262. I also have some superhero buildings half finished.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

FS painted 28mm celtic army


As part of my ongoing purge of troops, I have for sale a painted 28mm Celtic army. They come from a smoke- and pet-free home and all figures are based on 60mm frontages. I think the standout piece is this camp, where a druid seems to be vigorously rejecting the offer of a merchant while being mindful of his large friend. These are metal Warlord Games figures.

The bulk of the army are these warband. There are 12 three-man bases and one four-man command base. The shields are decalled for the most part and the figures are Wargames Factory.

Sorry the depth of field is so wonky in the shot below but, if you ignore the blurry guy in the foreground,  I think it shows off the shields and detailing nicely. These are maybe my best painting. Lots of detail on the clothing and generally hairy-chested barbarity.

There are eight bases of skirmishers, with a mix of slings, bows and spears. I've used these troops for DBA/HoTT but they'd also do for WAB or Hail Caesar. The figures will also slip their bases with a short soak if you need them individually based.

There are four chariots with crew and riders. I've sculpted a few capes and generally garrished these guys up. There are two general options here--a guy with a standard and a lady with a spear.

There are also four bases of characters. These include a hero chieftain, a base of three druids/witches, a naked druid with standing stone and a circular base for a leader--the fellow is holding a severed head (sorry the shot is hazy on the right).

Finally, there are two bases of medium cavalry and three bases of lighter cavalry.

I'd like $300 OBO (which includes the cost of shipping in Canada or the US). Offers to This is a nice army that I'm sad to part with. But a boys got to raise other armies somehow when the minister of finance clamps down on the spending!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

FS Painted 28mm Roman Army


The old must go to make room for the new so I will be liquidating a bunch of 28mm ancient armies over the next few days. Up first is a large, painted 28mm Roman army (mix of Republican and early Imperials). All come from a smoke- and pet-free home and I will cover the cost of shipping in Canada or the US.

There are 11 bases of legionnaires. Two of the bases (back row) have longer spears so could be used as triarii if you were so inclined. These are all Wargames Factory figures. Basing is 60mm frontages but these would come off their bases with a quick soak if you wanted. This group includes a general stand.

There are also six bases of early Imperials from Warlord Games. Again 60mm frontages and a general stand.

I converted some Wargames Factory legionnaires to make four bases of auxilia. I quite like the hand-painted shields and mixed clothing on these guys.

There are three bases of Wargames Factory Roman cavalry--two heavy one light and they include an optional general stand.

I also converted two bases of cavalry into centaurs to give the army a fantasy option.

There is one ballista (maybe Zvezda) with Wargames Factory crew conversions.

There are five bases of light troops--a mix of Wargames Factory and (I think) Old Glory. Some slingers, some spears.

There are four command-style bases. Two are circular mounts and would allow you to split this army for Roman civil wars. One fellow is decked our as per the Republicans; the other guys is more Imperial.

There are also two Warlord Games metal general--one guy on a horse and one guy on foot. I have used these as fantasy units (heros, magicians) sometimes.

Finally, there is a camp with Warlord Games metals and some plastic troopers in the background. The general appears to be making a sacrifice while his lady-friend and slave look on. This is a 120mmx120mm piece.

I built these for DBA/HoTT but I have used them with Commands and Colors Ancients and they would also work for WAB, Hail Caesar or whatever takes your fancy. The painting is some of my better work. There are 112 foot, 13 mounted, and 1 artillery piece.

I'd like $300 for this set and I'll cover the postage in Canada or the US. Postage to Europe of ANZAC is likely to be awful. Offers to I will have a Celt/Gaul army up tomorrow and then a Carthagian army up Monday.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

EWG Maurice Battles

Bruce brought a game of Maurice out to the club on Tuesday and Dennis I played Prussians against Bruce and Terry's Austrian-French alliance. We had hidden set-up so you can see we placed our cannons mid-board, facing some trees. The entire game was fought on the flanks, so that wasn't ideal placements!

On the left, Bruce advanced irregulars into the forest and his cavalry was threatening my flank. We managed to gimmick-play his irregulars to a halt with cards but the cavalry was a real threat. Over on the right, Terry gimmicked Dennis into a mess and the surged cavalry and foot forward.

I met Bruce's cavalry with my own and gave better than I got. But time was starting to run short.

So I tried to pull his cavalry into my infantry while sending on unit off to grab the open objective mid-board (under the protection of our guns). In the meantime, Bruce got his irregulars going and started flanking my line.

Dennis stoutly battled Terry but eventually his troops collapsed. I had my flank reasonably together and Bruce was also close to collapse but then night fell so we called it a tactical draw based on objectives held. A fun game. It always takes me awhile to recall the mechanics, but it is the right level of abstraction.

Up next: I'm painting a bunch of 15mm WW2 Germans--onto the gun metal and straps tonight. I'm also mulling rebasing my War of 1812 guys for Maurice. But only mulling at present.