Thursday, December 1, 2011

10mm AWI Cannon

And the very last items of this commission are some American cannons. These are presently winging their way to Ontario.

These were larger than the British cannon but I think the uniforms for artillery crews on both sides are close enough that you could likely mix and match the guns as needed.

There are also three limbers with horses.

Up next: A 28mm HoTT superhero army is drying. Perhaps a game of Battelore this week and then I don't know what. The basement needs a bit of a cleaning and organizing.

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Scott M said...

Speaking of Battle Lore, not sure if you've noticed, but Fantasy Flight has a sale on till the 5th. They have some Battle Lore expansions still in stock. I picked up 3 games at over 50% off each. Check it out.