Saturday, April 27, 2024


A few weeks back, I posted my first effort at adding some stairs to my Mageknight dungeon tiles. I decided I could likely do better than these spirals so I pulled out some extra trap tiles to form the basis of stair case. I cut and layered on some floor tile and then did a quick paint job to approximate the pattern on the tiles.

Overall, this is okay. The stairs are playable (Dr Doom was MIA for about 10 years and recently discovered cowering in a box of PolyPocket dolls so also got some paint this week) and they match well enough. A bit more attention to the painting likely would have improved matters.

Here you can see the stairs snapped on with some other tiles. I think the other tiles could stand a wash to make them less chalky. And below I have clipped in the less success stair tiles (both an up and a down set).

Since I have lots of trap tiles, I might well do three more sets of stairs over the next bit. As builds go, this was dead simple.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Some 28mm terrain

I noticed I was a bit short on interior terrain when I laid out the Joker's lair awhile back. Specifically, I had no beds and few tables. After looking online and humming and hawing, I ordered a tavern pack of 3-D printed terrain.

It came with a pretty decent selection of beds, tables, chairs, and fireplaces. Being mostly wood, it was also very quick to paint up.

For $35, I though it was a pretty good deal. The only real defect is the horizontal seam on the end of the foot boards. While these have a real D&D vibe, I think they could work pretty much for any time period. The wrinkles on the bed look a bit less terraced in person than they do in these pictures.

The non-bed items were pretty good, with six pub-style tables, three end tables, and a bunch of other furniture.

There were no assembly instructions and I ended up gluing the shelves from the writing hutch to the top of the fireplaces before I figured out where they were supposed to go. Oh well.

These three end-tables with books on them also turned out well given how little effort they took.

Overall, a fun project that only took a couple of hours and really helped round out my indoor terrain.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Last of the Crimean!

And I've finally reached the end of the 28mm Crimean armies. Whew!

There were five command figures for the Russian dragoons plus four more troopers.

So many horses.... But the command figures were quite nice.

Up next: Who knows? Maybe some 28mm furniture?

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Russian Dragoons

Second-last post on this Crimean project with a group of Russian dragoons. 

These are 28mm Foundry sculpts. Nice enough detail. There were just a lot of them!

Up next: More dragoons!