Saturday, May 20, 2017

More 25mm Star Trek

Continuing with my 25mm Star Trek painting, I finished off a dozen Klingons from Space Vixens from Mars. These are TMP or TNG Klingons rather than TOS Klingons. Finding alien races is generally hard and the one set of TOS Klingons I found (from Victory Force Games) I've decided to use as Romulans.

A second reason I chose these figures is that they had a good mix of male and female figures (important when gaming with daughter). I see now that the edge of the bases could use a tidy with some black paint.

I'm pretty happy with the results given I wanted to try a more monochromatic colour scheme. Not sure why the picture below shows the guy on the left with such a mushy face (he's fine in person).

Here they are with some 25mm Trek crew from 1st Corp. The Klingons are more like 28mm but the extra height isn't a huge deal (they're aliens!). They should work well as matched forces for Pulp Alley.

Up next: I might get back to some 54mm AWI as I await the delivery of the Romulans.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

25mm Star Trek

I recently picked up from new not-Trek crew figures from 1st Corp Miniatures for use with Pulp Heroes. What I really liked about this set was that the women were all armed and active (versus the arm candy poses of the set from Matakishi's Tea House.

I painted up the dozen crew I bought using TOS colours. The uniforms looked a lot more like the ones from The Cage so I decided to not do the black trim at the neck. I already have an Enterprise crew; these folks must be from another ship with slightly different specs.

I tried to add some diversity by varying the skin tones and also putting a couple of Andorians on the crew (couldn't be bothered with antenna). Also, most of the women ended up as red shirt security detail (as per one of the episodes in The Animated Series that Jess and I are finishing up).

Below I tried some comparison shots of the Matakishi and 1st Corp figures. Both have their attractions.

Up next: Some Klingons and more Pandemic Legacy.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

1754 at the club

We had a dozen guys out at club this week, with two new fellows. Dave hosted a game of Pikeman's lament in 28mm.

Kevin and Elliot were playing something I hadn't seen before (can't recall them name). Cool terrain.

I hosted Scott, Craig and Jessy in a game of 1754. Below I believe Scott is saying "I'm going to go stand outside while you roll the dice, Craig."

We had a very interesting game. Some early action in the Ohio valley and at the bottom of Lake Ontario.

Then there was a bit of a tussle in Nova Scotia and the Chesapeake.

The "best" move of the game (I think) was Jessy's suggestion that we bag the second British colonial deployment area (which Scott had moved south to Albany). Keeping both of these form him meant he could not access his fled units or reinforcements which really hamstrung the Brits in mid-game.

They shifted forces around in Nova Scotia and we traded territories. In the end, I don't we played Nova Scotia optimally but I'm not sure what we should have done differently.

We then decided to end the game and made a bug push. At which point Scott and Craig freed up Albany, dropped a tonne of white troops onto the board and got enough victory points to win. A nail biter!

Overall, a very fun play against cagey opponents.