Monday, December 26, 2011

Hexagonal walls and camps

As I work my way through older terrain projects and odds-and-ends, I ran across three sets of walls I'd picked up more than a year ago. These are resin walls and are designed to fit on four-hexes.

They came with some resin hex towns and fit around them to represent fortified towns. They can also be used on their own to represent "camps" in CCA.

Another piece of terrain I need to figure out are some 60mm-long fortifications for CCA/Battlelore. I think I'll likely use skewers set in blue tack on some vinyl floor tile. And alternative would be some air-drying clay as the base but i think that would be too light and tippy.

Up next: I'm working on some FoW French (flesh and uniform colour done--now onto painting a stripy camo pattern on the smocks). After that, I have some more towns to paint and then maybe some 28mm Romans.

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