Saturday, September 24, 2022

AT-RTs and Cobra Commander

I finished off the last of the Star Wars Legion rebels I bought: three AT-RTs. I will have all of these guys up for sale shortly. They come with all of the counters and cards you need for the game.

These were interesting figures to paint. The bow-mounted guns rotate on magnets and there are also three spare guns of various descriptions so you can change out the armaments.

I also finished off a new Cobra Commander figure that I got from Crooked Dice. Not sure why his pistol is in his right hand but the holster is on the left leg? A cross-draw hip holster would be weird, no?

This one seems slightly better than the Pulp Figures one that I converted with some paint.

He fits in reasonably well with the Cobra troopers from Pulp Figures. 

I have ordered some more slotta bases and will rebase the rest of the Cobra army to match the Commander.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Even more brown Rebels

Alright, this is the last of the rebel foot from Star Wars Legion. Another squad in brown but with Luke in Bespin garb.

I went with dun-coloured shirts instead of blue so this squad could be differentiated from last week's, but could also still be combined.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with these guys. Easy to paint beautiful sculpts.

Up next: Some AT-RTs and then may some Crimea War figures?

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Rebels, but this time in brown!

Okay, some more Star Wars Legion rebels. For the third and fourth (next week) squads, I decided to shift palettes and have a drab brown base. These fellows still got rebel blue blouses. 

I've been fiddling with the commercial wash they came with (very nice product) and experimented with the skin tone. Basically, could I get a decent brown-ish skin tone without the usual hoops I jump through with my current technique. I think the answer is yes.

These figures have great detail that can be painted in a lot of different ways. The sculptor should be very proud of this work.

Up next: two more batches of Legion. Another set of troops and then some AT-RTs.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

More rebel troops

I finished  second set of rebel troopers for Star Wars Legion. I again went with a jungle theme.

To these guys I added some additional camp (basically a speckle of brighter green). 

The idea was that they could be used with the unit I finished two weeks ago but could also be separately.

In the end (especially after using the dark wash that came with the figures), the camo doesn't really distinguish the figures too much. You can see this set of figures (middle two poses below) compared to the earlier, slight drabber unit. Oh well!

Onto some walkers and maybe some troopers with brown uniforms for a more arid environment.