Friday, December 31, 2010

War of 1812 US militia units

I'm just about finished some AWI chaps (just need to get based!) but in the meantime I finished rebasing a bunch of US militia for my War of 1812 army.

These figures are old Airfix US ACW Confederates in various floppy hats. I think I picked these up at a club auction early last year.

Four bases are done as firing lines with a wide variety of colours--true militia. I painted these in the spring and just rebased them to 60mm DBHx standard.

I then did two bases in generic brown with black hats. Perhaps a slightly more organized unit from the south where some gentlemen sprung for uniforms.

The final two bases are advancing militia. What I'm struck by is the details that can be brought out from sculpts done in the mid-1960s. The picture below shows that best, I think. Yes, they are not lovely like Perry sculpts, but the cost of 1/72 makes it possible to enter periods at a very low cost.

Up next: I have two AWI armies (foot and artillery) underway and should have something to post tomorrow (my first painting for 2011). I also have a 15mm EIR DBA army that will follow. Then perhaps the AWI cavalry. Thereafter, things are more open. I have a box of proper US 1812 troops to do but I would like to wait until I have better source material (en route). I'm also mulling a MayDay game and may need to source a few more skeletons for an undead Teutoburg Forest redux. And the club is Tuesday night.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

1960: The Making of the President

I dropped in on Bruce for the last game of the year yesterday and he hauled out 1960: The Making of the President. This is a card-driven game he picked up at Fallcon (I think) that allows two players to duke out the 1960 US presidential election.

I played tricky Dick Nixon again and Bruce played the dashing Kennedy. With some good luck (I got Eisenhower to endorse me at least twice which is a huge advantage), I managed to sneak out another win.

Again, I bagged New York in the final month of the election campaign and that turn the tide. Lucky cards is all that was! I expect this means in some alternative universe, Nixon was killed in Dallas and we're likely still bogged down in Vietnam.

Up next: I have some more 1/72-scale War of 1812 guys I have rebased. And I am almost done the first of the 1/72 AWI troops. I hope to have the foot and artillery for both sides done before the Christmas break ends and a good start on the cavalry.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

AWI & War of 1812 1/72-scale Indians

While I continue painting some 1/72 AWI figures, I thought I'd rebase the 1/72-scale Indians I had painted last spring so they were compatible with DBHx. These are Italeri Indian Warriors that a local hobby shop was clearing out.

I've based these on 60mm frontages and have created 11 bases of 4Wb and one base of 2Ps. They mostly survived the rebasing although a few shed paint at the ankles from the twisting a prying.

Italeri makes some nice figures although their boxes often contain many multiples. In this case there were 16 poses, each repeated three times. For little effort and only about $8, I think I got a decent result.

I see I also ended up with a full DBHx army of Indians which I suppose allows some interesting asymmetrical scenarios. Mostly I figured these would fight on the British side in the AWI and War of 1812. There are probably too few muskets and too little western clothing for them to be proper War of 1812 tribes. But this will have to do--I'm not buying a bunch of boxes just to get a few more guys in top hats! Doing the War of 1812 will be tricky enough as it is.

Up next: Some American militia for the War of 1812 are being based. And I'm working away on both British and American AWI foot plus artillery and some dragoons for the Americans. And then I'll turn my attention to some British cavalry/dragoons. Plus I'm off to Bruce's this afternoon for a game!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

HoTT: Undead v Scotland

Dave dropped by this afternoon for a playdate for the girls and some HoTT action. This was his chance to get his 28mm Scot ECW army into action. I brought out my skeletons. If a back story was necessary, I imagine Dave's sheep lovin' Scots (immortalized in Bonney Jovi's "(La-a-a-a-ay you down in a) Bed of Heather") sought to better their lives by trouncing their peace-loving undead neighbours.

Game one saw Dave completely outplay me. Here are some Foundry shooters on their way to annoy the hell out of my right flank.

I pushed my hordes forward (and they truly are a horde, with seven 1AP stands). The winged creature is a flyer.

At this point, I'm in some difficulty with my flyer about to get greased and left flank if looking a bit over extended.

And here is a shot of the general kill for the win. I would take note of this tactic and use it later.

I set up the terrain for game two and went with a slightly more open field and long line of battle. Dave chose to focus on my right flank, coming in hard with shooters and warband. I worked some knights around the left side.

The lines collide and my horde starts to disintegrate. Fortunately, it can regenerate and I didn't lack of pips in the game. In the meantime, the knight teamed up with my flyer to bag first a rider unit and then Dave's general. At which point I cheesily regenerated two horde and used the flyer to close the door one of his warband for the win. The flyer was worth its weight in gold in this game!

Up next: I have some AWI army starting to finish up as well as a bunch of rebased Indians for my AWI and War of 1812 projects. There are also some 15mm Romans underway.

Monday, December 27, 2010

DBA: Arthur v Kushites

Mark dropped by this morning making a delivery of some new figures and brought along his dreaded Kushite army (I/58). I've only fought these guys once and was thoroughly trounced. I hauled out my Sub-Roman British (II/81d). Both were aggression 1 and I rolled high so was the attacker in game one.

Above you can see the armies about to hit. I almost decided to try to end-run his line with my 2Lh and try for his camp but then decided the horse was more useful on the side to close the door on his bow and distract him.

Then the lines hit and I rolled three 1s for pips in four turns while Mark rolled average to good. What a bloody mess! We were tied at three.

I tried to force a recoil on his stacked spear which would have won me the game but was unable to make that go and he eventually crushed me 5-3. Arrgh!!

We played a rematch and I was again the attacker. I adopted a similar strategy but instead of letting him impact me, I jumped forward a smashed into him, bagging a 3Bw with my 4Sp on the right and forcing his left flank backwards.

He had more success on his right my left). Then his Elephant General went toe-to-toe with my 2Ps. I was hoping for a flee result so I could bag him with the 2Lh. But I managed a 5-1 kill on the general and won 2G-0!

Up next: Some 1/72 AWI and some 15mm Romans are underway. And I hope to get my HoTT skeletons out tomorrow for some action. Mark also dropped by a bunch of 28mm dark ages kits.

15mm HoTT Pirates FS

A couple of years back, I picked up a bunch of 15mm pirates at the club. After mulling them for several years, I saw a post on that inspired me to base them as a HoTT army. So I touched up a bit of paint, gave them a dip and based them.

This scurvy band is lead by a hero general posed astride a rocky outcropping. Don't let the short pants fool you--he is a nasty customer.

His personal guard entails two bases of 3Bd (or 3Wb, your choice). The middle fellow on the left-hand stand is named Mike.

There are also three bases of 3Sh (or 3Wb). While pirates are rumoured to be brave, these fellows know the value of a good ambush. Shooters are particularly deadly in HoTT when hidden in woods and these fellows should keep Her Majesty's Royal Marines (or whatever you want to pit against them) occupied.

The bulk of the army is looted cannon--the anvil against which to smash the enemy. The one two-cannon base could be broken up into two smaller shooter bases. Finally there is a camp (inspired by Miros) with the captain recovering (or burying) a treasure chest on a tropical island by torch-light.

I'd like $45 for this army. Postage in Canada or the US will be $15 (if it is more, I will eat that). Offers to .

Up next: I have some 1/72 AWI guys underway but they likely won't be finished until January. I am also rebasing some 1/72 War of 1812 fellows (found the Indians!) for DBx. And then there is a 15mm early imperial Roman DBA army that I have just assembled and primed and more boxes of 1/72 and some 28mm dark ages to do. Plus I have two games of DBA/HoTT scheduled in the next two day. A nice way to end the year.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 21 EWG Club Night

Our last club night of the year saw 10 guys out with three games on the go. There was also a guest appearance by the Norovirus. This was a pretty good turn out for the last night of the year and a meeting so close to Christmas.

Bruce again brought out FUBAR with his 15mm sci-fi guys. Barry and Terry fought Chen and Mark while Bruce reffed. There was much groaning about unreliable fire support which suggests Bruce got the balance correct. It also looked like it pretty much came down to the last few turns.

Dave and Scott gave WHFB 8th Edition another go. This saw Demons fighting Bretonnians while Chris observed.

Dave has done a nice battle report on the game. I only observed the last turn where Dave's hero with asbestos underpants negated Scott's flaming hero. I presume in the campaign game, Dave's night would need to make a saving throw for mesothelioma. I also presume both will be off to the GW store for new surprises for next time.

Justin hosted me in a game of Cry Havoc (a 1981 board game converted to the table top). We used very vanilla armies with identical composition and this simulated a grinding melee very well. I'd be keen to try again with some archers, a mounted figure and maybe even some more heroic fellows. No real command and control but there were still interesting tactical choices to make.

Up next: Some 1/72 AWI guys are my project for the holidays. And maybe some gaming!

Monday, December 20, 2010

15mm Etruscan DBA army

I finished a commission this weekend, a 15mm Etruscan DBA army (I/55a). These were Mirilton Miniatures figures and were very nice indeed.

First up is the LCh general stand. This was a treat to put together, with a clear and sturdy socket for the wheels and a hole for the pin in the figure's foot. I see I need a slight paint touch up on the harness before shipping (sticky fingers during crazy glueing) but otherwise this is good to go.

There were also two bases of 3Cv. The first is an armoured bunch of cavalry. And below you can see some unarmoured, hill-tribe cavalry.

There were six bases of 4Sp, of which I have a blurry shot below. The shields are bare so the new owner can apply some transfers when they arrive. This will improve the look significantly.

My instructions were to make the tunics varied and colourful. I'm not sure I was very successful at that. On the 2Ps a couple of pictures down, a couple of have white trim with black dots to simulate a pattern but they just disappear in the photos. Some of that has to do with the very deep cuts in the cloth. And the rest with my limited painting abilities.

There are also two 2Ps (below) and a 4Bd stand (that I don't seem to have snapped a shot of) to round out the army.

Up next: I have a 1/72-scale AWI British army underway--the flesh and scarlet are done--now onto the buff! I am also looking to wash and primer their rebel opponents this week. There is club play tomorrow night and I have a couple of 15mm Early Imperials Roman armies that might do with some attention over the holidays.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Duel in the Dark Campaign

With holiday planning well under control, I dropped in on Bruce for a three-game campaign of Duel in the Dark. This recreates the British bomber offensive of 1943ish. The idea is the British gain points (by bombing targets) while the Germans take points away (by inflicting damage on the British bomber unit). All very abstract but there are some difficult choices for both sides. If either side moves the points marker to 30-points on their side, they win.

It was a dark and stormy night and Bruce (playing the British) opened with a mid-range attack into the very western portion of Germany. Overall, he managed to come out up 3 points. In the meantime, I was studying what combinations of ground supports worked best. This helped contain the gains he could make on later turns

Turn two saw an open sky and Bruce drove deep, bombing Berlin (!!!) for a whopping 30-point gain. Fortunately, my squadrons haunted him all of the way back to London, reducing his gain to a net zero.

On turn 3, Bruce went south, got in cheaply but paid on his return trip. I think we ended either at zero or 1 point for the Germans. We managed all three turns in two hours with a fair bit of show and tell in between. It would be hard to win at this game given how tightly balanced it is. It is almost chess-like in the absence of randomness. Bruce also hauled out the expansion which allows four German players to compete as a team against the British player and also against each other. That would be a good game at the club one night.

While we were setting things up, Bruce showed off some more 15mm sci-fi stuff, including this giant lizard grav tank and a bunch of infantry (not shown). Should be an interesting game at the club on Tuesday.

Up next: I have a 15mm Etruscan DBA army drying and it should be ready for tomorrow. And I have a 1/72-scale British AWI army for DBHx on the paint table. if I can keep motivated, I will do the matching American army over the holidays. Just need some cavalry from Mark. There is also the last club night of the year on Tuesday.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Black Peter's Holiday Army

I was rooting around the hobby bench a couple of months back and came across a plastic GW Gimli figure and an old Heroclix mechanical ram. I was about to recycle them when I sat Gimli on the ram and the phrase "Steam Punk Santa" jumped into my mind. And thus was borne a nice holiday diversion: a Santa-themed army.

But who will fight for Christmas and fill out Santa's army? Well, I had a bunch of GW hobbits so those were some obvious recruits. I have a few more on the way but I can currently field one base of household guard (blades?).

These are backed up by some snow-ball throwing shooters. It is not exactly the scouring of the shire, but I'll take it.

For some back up, Santa can release the hounds (beasts). So far this is a pretty polyglot army (shades of Carthaginians) which will be a trick to play.

Bilbo doubles as the head elf (magician) who keeps track of who has been naughty and nice in his velvet book.

Smeagol is a lurker, haunting the ice flows that surround the north pole.

To fill out the ranks, there are four bases of snowmen (warband? hordes?). These guys freak me out a bit (kind of like clowns) with their happy faces that bely ice-cold hearts.

With a workshop handy, we can also expect Santa might spend a bit of time tinkering to come up with some mechanical reinforcements in case the boys from Walmart come knocking and look to expand their market share. I think this fellow is a behemoth.

Up next: A 15mm Etruscan army is half-way based up. And I have just glued down a 1/72-scale British AWI army to the paint sticks. This is for DBHx and the figures are by Imex. Nice enough (if a bit thin and willowy--short rations?). But they are in an eye-searing red. I hope I can find paint to cover this!