Saturday, December 30, 2023

Last of the fantasy

With some extra time on my hands, I finished off the fantasy box that Chen traded me in the fall. First up are some gnolls. The shading on these turned out well.

Then some troglodytes. These ended up a bit monochromatic.

And some imps (meh). Lots of highlights that the camera mutes.

And some zombies. I tried a blue-green skin tone with mixed results.

Up next: Maybe some apes? Maybe some random moderns. And then there are some Crimean cannon that cry out for completion.

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Orcs and Spiders

Well, these's aren't exactly what you'd want coming down your chimney at this time of year, but you get what you and you don't get upset.

First up are some 28mm plastic orcs that Chen traded me. Pretty fun sculpts and easy enough to paint. I'm not sure green was the right skin colour, but I think it turned out okay.

Then some spiders. I dunno how to paint spiders so I washed brown, did a bunch of highlights and figures good enough for D&D?

Up next: A few more fantasy figures to finish up this box.

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Adventurers and werewolves

Alright, some more 28mm fantasy. We start with some dwarves. Probably a female cleric and a male warrior. Nice detail on these, especially for one-piece castings.

Then a human barbarian and a blue dude (half orc? I dunno). Some nice details. I wish I'd done a darker colour scheme with the guy on the right but I wasn't sure I had the skill to pull it off. His cape came out nicely, I think.

And finally some werewolves that Chen was kind enough to throw in to our trade deal. Two look metal and two are some kind of plastic (reaper bones?). Nice details. I love the detached hand the bottom pair are holding.

Up next: I'm not sure. Maybe some orcs and spiders. Or who knows.

Saturday, December 9, 2023

Dungeon adventurers

A few more 28mm fantasy figures are final finished. These are six of the adventurers in a box of figures Chen traded me. I would guess monk, elven fighter, and cleric. Nice sculpts for one-piece plastics.

Then there were the three: maybe halfling thief, elven magic-type, and halfling fighter?

I also finished a few more dungeon fixtures: two tables, three chairs, and a cage.

Up next: Probably the rest of the adventurers and maybe some werewolves.

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Turtle adventurers?

Another batch of 28mm fantasy figures are done. First up are some turtle magic-users. No idea of the source (probably a board game). 

These were pretty fun figures to paint and the sculpts are nice and animated. Could be PCs, NPCs, or baddies.

I also knocked off a bunch of worms from the boxed-set Chen traded me. These look better in person than the photos suggest. The angles make it hard to get a decent photo.

Up next: Hard to say. Probably some dungeon terrain and fantasy figures, but you never really know.