Sunday, December 18, 2011

1/72 New Kingdom Egyptian Bow and Skirmishers

Here are a few more of the Egyptians I painted for Craig. These are 1/72 figures produced by Caesar.

First up are three bases of skirmishers. Most are armed with spear but there are a few slingers in the mix.

Then there are four bases of bow. These are nice figures with a good mixed of poses and clothing. I'm pretty happy with how the flesh came out.

Up next: Some light Egyptian foot are drying, I'm working on some river terrain for CCA/Battlelore for my MayDay game and I have a couple of 28mm mounted dark ages guys underway. It is also the last club night of the year on Tuesday.


Nick Grant said...

Again, very nice!


Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Nick; I quite enjoyed the Thomas the Tank Engine HoTT army.