Saturday, March 19, 2022

ST:TNG Klingons

I finished up 7 Klingons and 1 Norsican this week. These are plastic toys from the Strike Force series and are more 25mm than 28mm.

I have some other ST:TNG Klingons from Space Vixens from Mars. They are a bit chunkier and more 28mm (although the basing exaggerates the height difference).

Up next: I am grinding away on a bunch of 28mm Crimea figures (some French troops). Very colourful but lots of details to fiddle with.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Trek crews finished

To the extent that any gaming project is ever finished, I have completed my ST:TNG era crews.

First up, we have the Enterprise D crew. Mostly these are Monopoly pieces. The Worf and Ro Laren (left) and Tasha Yar (right) are from the Last Unicorn Away team set.

Then we have ST:DS9. Again, mostly Trek Monopoly pieces with paint job conversions. The Ferengi are from the Strike Force toy sets and Garek is from Space Vixens.

Finally, ST:VGR. These are all Monopoly (some with putty conversions) except Neelix, who is a converted Ferengi from the Strikeforce sets. I also have about a dozen generic ST:TNG era crew figures from a variety of manufacturers.

Up next: More Crimea (so much detail painting!) and some Trek baddies.

Saturday, March 5, 2022

28mm British Crimean command

I have four British command from Foundry done this week. Some came painted while others needed a matching job. I also need to find a flag.

Overall, nice figures. Lots of detail but cleanly sculpted.

Up next: Some ST:VGR and ST:DS9 figures.