Saturday, March 25, 2023

Hold the Bridge

A month or so back, Bruce introduced me to Xenos Rampant, the sci-fi addition to the Rampant series. The system is very flexible and gave a surprisingly good game when we playtested it. I pointed up two Star Wars armies from old West End Games figures I had and we had a go the week.

With the destruction of the second Death Star and the apparent death of the Emperor, Imperial governors have been left to try and maintain order in countless systems across the galaxy. Here, the Imperial commander must deny the Rebels a key crossing on an impassable river. Most of the rebels set up on the far side of the table, but three units of commandos could dice for entry anywhere.

Stormtroopers hold the bridge while the rest of the Imperial forces are deployed on either side of it. Rebel speeders come up the left flank and send some hapless scout bikes back across the river. The speeders would play a key role in the Rebel's eventual victory.

Meanwhile, behind the bridge, annoying Rebel commandos begin popping up and tying up Imperial naval troopers and a unit of dewback riders. On the far side of the river, Imperial walkers shoot the heck out of a bunch of Rebel troops.

The speeders catch a walker trying to cross the bridge and severely damage it. The Rebels were able to capture and salvage this walker at the end of the game.

In front of the bridge, a unit of naval troopers occupied a bog, which tied up the Rebel advance. After several assaults and rounds of fire, the Wookiees finally appeared out of the woods. This was very bad news as they charged into melee and beat the snot out of the Imperial troops.

Meanwhile, despite taking serious damage from the Imperial laser cannon, the speeders and commandos were able to put a real beating on the second line Imperial troops. Eventually, the Stormtroopers deployed back across the bridge to try and stabilize things.

This left a small unit of scout troopers to defend the bridge against the advancing Wookiees.

That went poorly for the scout troopers.

In the end, the remains of the Imperial forces had to pull back and leave the bridge of the Rebels.

Overall, a pretty good game with 57 points per side, divided into two detachments. We manage dit in about an hour and half. Making vehicles more vulnerable on the flank and rear works. We tried out an NCO upgrade rule for the rebels (better activations) but that wasn't really very meaningful. Next game, we'll try to add in a few heroes and a Force user to see what that is like.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Imperial Assault rebels

I finished a few more Imperial Assault figures this week. First up are three rebel troopers. I fiddled the uniforms some to give them a bit of variety. I happened to have a Star Wars Legion figure in essentially the same pose and put him below (with a washer to even out the bases) for comparative purposes.

I also completed two rebel saboteurs Basing as per the owner's request and again a comparison with a similar Legion figure. 

Up next: Some Scooby Villains and then back to Star Wars.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Secrets of the Lost Tomb figures

A fellow asked me to paint the figures he got with the boardgame Secrets of the Lost Tomb. There were 15 plastics figures in the set and they are pretty typical 1930s pulp figures.

They are fairly thin sculpts with soft details. I painted them up to match the character cards.

The sculpts are a mixed bag. Some are quite nice, some are a bit off in their pose or proportions. For game tokens, they are pretty cool.

I picked a couple of 28mm Pulp Figures off my shelf to compare. The game tokens are a bit shorter than 28s and thinner. Akin to 1970s 25mm, I'd say.

They are a bit bigger than 1/72s but hav proportions that match them. Overall, an interesting diversion.

Up next: More Star Wars, I think.

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Star Wars and Cobra

I'm continuing to work my way through a bunch of Star Wars Imperial Assault figures. 

Today I have three, based as per the owner's request. Lando is nice and painted as per the movie stills. Ben is also fairly dynamic. Luke is so-so.

I happened to have a Luke from Star Wars: Legions to illustrate the scale differences between the two games. The Legions figure is on the left below while the Imperial Assault figure is on the right. I used a washer to adjust for the thinner Imperial Assault bases.

I also finished a figure from Hasslefree miniatures as the Baroness. I was short a leader figure for my Cobra army and she was one the few characters I could remember from the cartoon beyond Destro and Cobra Commander.

I'm going to call that army finished. There are enough figures to skirmish with and buying anything more (e.g., HISS tank) is stupid expensive.

Up next Some board gaming figures and more Star Wars.