Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nap board games night

With a break in the soccer schedule, I snuck out to Bruce's to try two Napoleonic board games. First up Bruce introduced me to Field Commander: Napoleon, a solo game where you battle your way through 11 campaigns. We played the first and I managed to beat the system (lucky, apparently!). Quite an interesting system.

Then Bruce hauled out a CCN scenario: French versus Russians with an interesting time pressure mechanic (Russian flanking maneuver driven by the cards played).

I felt good until Bruce vaporized my left flank in the first two moves (ouch). Then I only drew "right flank cards. Even good dice couldn't prevent Bruce from stomping me flat.

Up next: I have a battle report from Justin's MayDay game to post. Then a few more Romans underway on the painting table.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Some AWI action at club night

We had eight guys out at the club last night and a rare soccer bye meant I could attend! There was a game of Armies of Arcana (kind of Warhammer-lite) and a three-player game of Warmachine.

Bruce and I played the Germantown scenario for Clash for a Continent. The British are in the foreground and the building in the middle of the board is Chew House (which the historical battle hinged on).

We managed to play twice and both games were done by turn 15. The games split, although I think this is a tougher game for the British player (perhaps reflecting the quasi-surprise Washington had). That said, if the British can avoid losing too many units, over time they should be able to push the Americans back.

I wonder if the British strategy is to abandon Chew House and spend time pulling together a line and then advancing on the Americans who will be split up.

Up next: Not sure what is next. Soccer, the garden and cycling are cutting into my painting time. I hope to get a game in with Bruce next week.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

End of the AWI rebasing

With these cannons come the completion of the rebasing of my 1/72-scale AWI forces.

I will need to get these guys out on the table (using a miniaturized version of Hold the Line) as soon as soccer season is over.

Despite some paint loss at the feet and ankles, I think I have restored these fellows to gamble condition. Fortunately the AWI was a muddy war!

I ended up with a bunch of extra crew that I will use to fill in units and whatnot.

Up next: Club was last night but conflicted with soccer so I missed it (arrgh). I may get a game in with Bruce next week, though. I have some 1/72-scale Roman cavalry to finish and then I may turn my attention to some terrain.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

British infantry rebased

The AWI rebasing continues with 80-odd 1/72-scale British infantry. these are mostly Imex, I think.

There were 10 poses and the sheer volume of figures was quite intimidating.

Up next: Fous British cannons completes this rebasing project. I also have some War of 1812 figures to rebase but I may save that for some rainy days this summer.

Monday, May 5, 2014

AWI rebasing resumes

While kids soccer and the garden have interfered with my hobby time, I have continued to away at the rebasing of my 1/72-scale AWI figures. Last night I finished three British command stands.

I also managed to push seven cavalry through the basing process. The big push is the 80-odd infantry which should follow tomorrow.

Up next: We'll, some more AWI rebasing (infantry, followed by cannons). After that I'm not sure. I have some half finished 1/72-scale late Roman cavalry that I may complete.