Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 20 club night

We had 10 guys out to the last club night of the year despite the driving sleet storm and there were four games played. Scott and I played a game of CCA using the Telamon scenario. I won't reprise the four tries we had other than to say Scott inflicted a beat-down on my that would be more appropriate to the biblical era than 225BCE. Wow, what a thrashing.

Kevin brought out a game of Conflict of Heroes. THe production quality of board games sure has improved over the past 20 years.

He also added some micro-armour vehicles to replace the counters which looked pretty slick.

Dave hosted Chen, Guy and Chris in a game of Condottiere. Very pretty but no idea how things went.

In the midst of things, Bruce and the guys presented me with a gift for my years of service to the club: a copy of Star Trek: Fleet Captains. Now a gold watch would have fetched a higher price on eBay last night, but I did alright given that the plastic wrap was still intact... :). Honestly, I was touched. And a bit overwhelmed by all of the components and a new set of rules to learn before the first club night of year.

Bruce also brought out a game of Swashbuckler (I think that was the title--by Yaquinto from 1980) and some minis and played a couple of rounds of putting someone's eye out.

Up next: Some rivers for Battlelore/CCA are drying. Then onto some painting, including some NKE chariots and a Flames of War infantry company.

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