Painted Sci-fi for Sale

I have some painted sci-fi figures or sale (postage is extra). The figures pictured are the exact figures you are buying. Questions and offers to .

Lot 1. 54mm Rawcliffe Pewter Star Trek The Next Generation Bridge Crew (7) $350.

Lot 2. 54mm Rawcliffe Pewter Riker-Picard-Data. $40 each or $100 for lot

Lot 3. 54mm Rawcliffe Pewter Riker-Picard-Data $40 each of $100 for lot

Lot 4. 54mm Rawcliffe Pewter LaForge-Worf-LaForge $40 each of $100 for lot

Lot 5. Rawcliffe 40mm Pewter Qui Got Jinn and Darth Maul. $50

Lot 7. 45mm Star Wars Clone Wars Monopoly Figures $100

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