Friday, December 23, 2011

28mm dark ages cavalry

I discovered a half-finished box of Conquest Games 28mm Norman knights on my shelf and decided to complete these as generic dark age cavalry units.

I swapped out most of the Norman heads for Wargames Factory Saxons and Vikings and use round shields (instead of kite shields) to make them less Norman looking. Overall, a workable result that gives some of my dark age armies some additional punch.

This also fleshes out the orbat for my MayDay game of miniaturized Battlelore. I have a few more items to finish up, including some terrain. I also hope to get a playtest in with Craig on the 29th.

I see a bunch of WF Romans that I reserved to paint up as auxiliaries so that will be my next shelf cleaning project.

Up next: I am working through my terrain box and have some hexagonal walls (which fit over cities or stand along to represent camps that are drying. I also have Craig's NKE chariots almost finished (just need to flock) and I have opened and started cleaning a bunch of 15mm FoW French for a commission.

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