Saturday, April 17, 2021

Galactica Bridge Crew

Tangent Miniatures has two groups of colonial figures. These are the bridge crew that I am super pleased to have. Again, 3-D sculpts cast in metal. 

Athena and Adam look the part. Athena sort of looks like Maren Jensen. Adama looks more Ernest Borgnine than Lorne Green. These painted up well. 

Cassiopeia is a pretty good likeness. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what Cassiopeia's footwear was in the show. Lots of stills show bare legs but none showed her shoes. Since she is planet-side, I gave her books like the mom's at pre-school wore. Col. Tigh is a good likeness.

Up next: Colonial warriors.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Some leadership for the Cylons

A few months back, I painted up some Cylons from Crooked Dice. Nice figures and fun to paint. I was bemoaning the limited range when I stumbled across Tangent Miniatures' new range that seems designed to fill in the gaps.

These are 3-D rendered models that are cast is metal. Today, I have some leadership for the Tin Can. The Imperious Leader is kind of useless from a gaming perspective but he came with the bundle. He really needs to be on the top of a column (like a old film canister or something).

Lucifer was one of my favourite characters (better in the books than on TV). He posed two challenges: first his outfit is pretty plain. I used ouse highlight and washes to try and give him some depth. The second was his electronic brain (which was a clear dome filled with 70s electronics and glowed a bit). I decided to use a wash over the silver and that worked out okay.

Baltar is meh. The figure sort of looks like John Colicos. I used an old still to paint him. Again, meh.

Up next: Some opponents for the Cylons.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Field hockey team

I was looking for some female characters to add to my pulp/sci-fi collection. A challenge is finding female poses that are not either sex workers or wearing chainmail bikinis.

Crooked Dice has a nice set of school girls holding sports equipment so I bought some. Overall, great figures except the faces lack definition.

What I like about these figures are their versatility. Are they a modern sports team caught in the apocalypse, battling zombies or neo-Nazis? Note the small tears in some of the clothes. I played this up by dirtying the clothes with washes.

Or are they a street gang from the 20s or 30s, protecting their neighbourhood from gangsters and lizard people? Or are they a bunch of Slayers, activated early to help Buffy close the Hellmouth?

The figure above on the right is either summoning someone closer or making a rude gesture, but with two fingers. I was pretty happy with the colour palette I chose and thrilled to not be painting tartan.

There is quite a range in ages in this set. The figures below seem to include a teacher (left) and a very young pupil (right). The red head is holding what I think is a lollipop but I painted it as a ping-pong paddle. A tiny bit more depth on the faces would have been useful for the washes to catch on.

There is some very nice detail on the backs of the figures, including the teddy bear and someone's go-bag. The field hockey player has both some cobbled together armour and a wicked-looking knife (perhaps field hockey has changed since I was in school?).

Up next: Probably some 6mm and maybe also some more sci-fi. 

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Last of the pulp

I'm finishing up the last of some 28mm Pulp Figures gangster that I got for Christmas. First up are a boss, his safe, and either his secretary or a reporter (pose could work for either).

There were also some henchmen. I hate the paint job on the brown guy. The middle guy looks like Vincent price (I think he was supposed to be a doctor or scientist). Our friend on the right is an accountant but looks vaguely like everyone's favourite failed Austrian painter.

Finally, I have two pulp villains (skull guy and the red hood). I've been thinking how much I enjoyed Gotham and having non-super villains so painted these with that in mind.

Up next: Probably some 6mm ancients.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Get your hands off of me...

Today, some 28mm Apes from Crooked Dice. These were a Christmas gift that I am just getting around to painting.

First up is Dr. Zaius, suspected of holding anti-human views. These figures were part of a character set with all of the figures having only one piece.

General Ursus. Not a bad pose for a one-piece figure,

This is Zira. I'm not sure why so looks so flat in this picture--her face has more character in person.

And Cornelius. Probably the lamest of the character poses. Very two-dimensional.

Then there were these two-piece hench-apes pack. The heads and bodies were separate, with the usual divot in between the shoulders to take a neck. The problem was the heads had no corresponding pin and all of the contact is made by the fringe of hair at the bottom of each head.

Overall, pretty dynamic poses.

The only bad head attachment as the fellow with the pole.

Overall, this was a fun project and I look forward to getting these guys on the table in some kind of pulp game.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Pulp vigilantes

Some more Pulp Figures that I got for Xmas are finished. These are a group of radio-era vigilantes. I recently finished watching Gotham and quite enjoyed the pre-Batman aspect of the show, with less super villains and more grit.

Green Hornet, I assume.

Kato. Apologies for the soft focus. Not sure what happened there.

Maybe the Shadow?

Not sure who this is; perhaps no one in particular.

A bit 7 of 9 from this angle.

Up next: Gangsters?

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Steve Austin and Big Feet

This week I have a mixed bag of TV figures. First up is the $6 million man and a pair of Big Feet. 

Steve Austin is from Crooked Dice and came with a bionic woman, whose ankle broke immediately. Sadly, we did not have the technology. We could not repair her. So into the bin she went. The Sasquatch are Pulp Figures.

The figure has a Heroclix vibe but is metal and has great detail (note grip pattern on right shoe sole!)

I bought this figure mostly so I could tell this story. So, it is 1971 and songwriter Dan Weatherly calls his buddy Lee Majors. Majors is not home but Farrah Fawcett picks up. They chat and she's going home on the red eye to Houston to see her mom.

Weatherly then writes a song, swapping the plane for a train and Houston for Georgia. And, in 1973, Gladys Knight and the Pips ride Midnight Train to Georgia to number one. All thanks to Steve Austin.

I also knocked off two 54mm Star Trek sculpts. No idea why Janeway's outfit photographs so much lighter than Sisko's. Maybe the wash was different? Almost have my collection complete--just need the elusive DS9 crew sculpts and a Spock (he's on the paint bench right now).

Up next: I dunno. Pulp heros?