Saturday, December 2, 2023

Turtle adventurers?

Another batch of 28mm fantasy figures are done. First up are some turtle magic-users. No idea of the source (probably a board game). 

These were pretty fun figures to paint and the sculpts are nice and animated. Could be PCs, NPCs, or baddies.

I also knocked off a bunch of worms from the boxed-set Chen traded me. These look better in person than the photos suggest. The angles make it hard to get a decent photo.

Up next: Hard to say. Probably some dungeon terrain and fantasy figures, but you never really know.

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Dungeon Terrain

Just a few pieces of dungeon terrain today. These are prepaints I bought as a job lot on ebay.

Three columns are useful to break up sight lines a room.

Then a bunch of traps. The back right one is a heavy stone that drops on adventurers (note the skeletal hand underneath). The back left contraption is almost impossible to understand.

And finally some basic LOS blocks. The most interesting is torture table on the right. Up next: Some fantasy monsters.

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Last of the Imperial Assault figures

I knocked off the last of a commission for a friend, including the five 28mm Imperial Assault figures. First up is Hondo Ohnaka. 

Literally no idea who this is, but a cool figure hiding a blaster behind his back. The owner requested a rubble base (a pun for Terry).

Then we have Zed Orrelios. I always struggle with aliens, both their skin tone and their outfits colours. This went okay with a purple wash over white and some Christmas Tree green toned down by a bit of lime.

This is Sabine Wren. Black wash over white then block painting and a bit of highlighting. She turned out okay.

This is Ezra Bridger, force user of some type who seems to have a cowboy fetish.

And finally, Kanan Jarrus, also a force user.

Overall, a pretty fun lot to paint. Up next: Some dungeon terrain and fantasy types.

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Star Wars plus dungeon terrain

A bit of a job-lot post. First up, she 28mm Star Wars Imperial Assault figures. There are just some extra Rebel troopers.

I also painted some dungeon terrain, including four doors (only three shown). "Do not open the middle door!"

There were also a bunch of pools in a pile of terrain I bought. I just did some detailing to make them pop a bit more.

Up next: More dungeon stuff and more Star Wars!

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Random fantasy figs

Alright, this week is a job lot of random 28mm fantasy stuff. First up, skeletons.

These came from a fantasy starter box Chen traded me. These are very different than the usual skeleton sculpts that you see, but they have really grown on me.

Also a plastic eagles from some game. I painted it up as a golden eagle, rather than a bald.

Also a random wolf. Maybe from Chen? Looks like a Reaper Bones figure.

And, finally, some kind of elven thief lady, I guess? would do as an adventurer or NPC.

 Up next: Star Wars and some dungeon accessories.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Imperial Assault figs

A friend dropped by some more Imperial Assault figures to be painted so I knocked off the three easiest this week. First up is Admiral Thrawn.

Apologies for the wonky lighting. The seasonal shift in daylight is giving my camera fits this afternoon. His suit is whiter and his eyes are redder in person.

There were also a pair of wookies melee dudes. The picture below gives a better sense of the actual colours and visual effect. The slight forward lean of the sculpt meant the frontal pictures entailed a lot of shadow and weird light balances.

 Up next: Some fantasy and then some more Star Wars.

Saturday, October 21, 2023

British heavy dragoons

After months of not being at all interested in these figures, I finally put on my big-boy pants and finished them. They are 28mm Foundry British heavy dragoons for the Crimean. 

Nicely sculpted and all. Maybe the colours are a bit too bright--a black undercoat might have been better.

Up next: Some 28mm Imperial Assault Wookies and some 28mm fantasy are on the table right now.