Saturday, December 10, 2011

FS 15mm DBA War of the Roses Army

My club had its annual fundraising auction this past week. In the flurry of bidding, I ended up buying a painted 15mm DBA army (IV/83a War of the Roses English). I quite like this army but I don't play DBA in 15mm so, after some soul searching, I'd like to pass it on to someone who would use it.

The army includes two 3Kn and one 3Cv stands. The knights also have dismounted bases with flags that match the mounted so you can tell who is whom. There is also a 3Sp base.

The figures are Essex and are base don a thick card with appropriate sized bases.

There are three bases of 4Bd (above) and six bases of 4Bw (below).

There is also an artillery piece.

I'd like $65 plus shipping (about $15 in Canada or the US). I will individually wrap each bases in bubble and then pack them carefully. Offers to