Wednesday, December 21, 2011

EWG Club Wrap-up for the Year

While I don't collect stats, I do find that it can be interesting to do a quick tally of how the EWG went during the year. We meet twice a month and here are some basic stats:

About 229 gamers came out over the 24 sessions, this we have an average of 9.5 gamers per night.

The busiest night saw 15 gamers and the slowest 5. The summer was particularly slow this year which is a change from previous years. All time attendance record is still (to my memory) 18 guys.

There were 64 individual games played (so 2.6 games per nights) this year. The most number of games running on a single night was four (happened several times) and the fewest was two (I think). By genre, the most popular were:

1. Fantasy (11)
2. Board games (10)
3. Sci-fi (9)
4. Ancients (8)
4. WW2 (8)
5. Napoleonics (5)

A couple of (related) trends. We often miniaturized board games (where this happened, I allocated them by genre, not to the generic "boardgame" category) and we played a lot of Richard Borg games (CCA, CCN, Battlelore) this year. If you were to combine board games with miniaturized versions of board games that would be largest category by a long shot.

Here is to more gaming in 2012!

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