Saturday, November 29, 2014

Few items for sale

I have few items for sale. These include painted 15mm French and Prussian armies for the FPW.

I also have a painted 28mm Arthurian warband (plus dragon!) for sale.

Up next: I had to ship off some 15mm WW2 without taking photos this week. I'm presently working on some 54mm AWI foot. There is another 15mm WW2 army sitting on the shelf awaiting attention. And the club is Tuesday.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Look Sarge, No Charts WW2

Bruce hosted a game of Look Sarge, No Charts (WW2). We were both keen to try this after enjoying the Napoleonic version a few weeks back. The scenario was a three-battalion (roughly) Allied attack in Normandy against battalion of elite Germans. The Allies' objectives were to grab the three victory markers (poker chip).

The game has each unit assigned a number (1-6) by dice roll each turn with some dice swapping allowed. Then playing cards are turned to activate the corresponding units. You can activate up to twice in a turn but a joker ends a turn. Bruce advanced on a broad front and my guns (right side) lit up some of his lead elements. He was unable to spot my guys (bad dice) so couldn't return fire.

Then this unit of Germans ran low on ammo (frig!). Below, you can see the ammo truck with a red ammo cube moveingfrom my supply base (bottom centre of the top picture) to re-supply. Low ammo degrades combat abilities. You can also run low on fuel. The Germans had way fewer supplies than the Allies (but shorter distances) so over the long haul, resource depletion was going to be a factor.

Above, you can also see the game progressed at a pace whereby I was actually able to have units fall back to a second line. This almost never happens in war games; instead everyone dies in place. In effect, I was able to trade space for time and force Bruce's troops on the refused side to cross open ground twice. A very cool gaming effect.

Later in the game, Bruce managed to move up on the German left, flank and assault. My left unit ran out of ammo and was permanent degraded (no supplies left) so I was about to pull back. Below, you can see also one of my tanks sitting on a road, enfilading the Allied advance on the right. Eventually, Bruce's troops ran out of gas (figuratively) before they could fully take advantage of my supply problems. He pulled back. I expect I would have had to either re-fight this battle (with slight fewer troops) the next day or pull back (that would depend upon re-supply).

All told, a highly enjoyable WW2 game. Interesting sighting and overwatch mechanics. The Germans took a pounding but their morale mostly let them shake that off--their problem was with limited ammo. The Allies were just a human wave of troops and only good luck allowed the Germans to thwart them. But supply problems likely mean this victory is pretty hollow.

Up next: I'm still working on some 15mm WW2 mountain troops. I'm down to gun metal, uniform details (likely just the cap insignia) and then basing so likely this weekend. The club is Tuesday.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Horde of hanomags

A snowy Saturday let me finish up eleven 15mm hanomags. These are a mix of Battlefront and Plastic Soldier kits.

Overall, there isn't much to choose between these kits. The Battlefront kits are slightly more expensive but come with decals, troops and a 37mm cannon option. There are slightly fewer pieces to the Battlefront models but they don't go together perfectly.

Below, you can see the Plastic Soldier (left) and Battlefront (right) kits. The Plastic Soldier kits have very fine tolerances and go together very nicely. The MGs are too thin to survive removal from the sprue (most I replaced with extras from the Battlefront kits) but the sprues also come with an assortment of spare tires, tarps, jerrycans and gear (which I spreads across both types of hanomags).

A top-down view shows the size difference the best. It is a very small difference that is hard to see on the table.

Up next: A bucketload of 15mm German mountain troops are primed and underway, bringing this set of commissions to a close.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Zombies, AWI and WW2

We had about 12 guys out at the club last night with three games running. Dave brought out a new WW2 game, the name of which escapes me.

The home team (above) was quick to take to the field while the visitors were slow out of the dug out. They then advanced their mobile smoke dispensers to historic effect.

I played two games of 1775: Rebellion and we saw a split outcome with each side winning once.

Above you can see the American camping out in New England while making forays into Canada. Below, the second game sees a British attack into New England while the US tries a southern strategy. Both games were within two points.

And there was another game of Zombiecide. I snapped this picture before things things started to go really badly. The players needed to get off the board with a bunch of items via the alley on the far right of the picture (where all the zombies are standing). Then way more zombies showed up there and there was much hand-wringing.

Up next: Some more 15mm WW2 is on the table

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Some 15mm Arty and ATGs

I'm keen to move this last commission through the painting process and clear the decks for some holiday painting of my own!

Today I finished off three 105mm German guns plus some sort of ATG (Pak 40, I think, although the carriage looks kind of weird). Nice models. On the go I have 11 half tracks and a plane of some kind and then a tonne of infantry. I'm hopeful to have this all wrapped next week but we'll how that goes.

Up next: Tonight is the club. Then back to 15mm WW2.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Some 15mm WW2 German vehicles

My attention has wandered back to 15mm WW2 this weekend and I managed to knock off some of the armour for the third army I agreed to paint. These are Battlefront models with three Panther's being first up. 

I also finished three S307(f) half-tracks. These combined a captured French half-track with a Pak40. I've never seen one of these before.

Overall, an okay model that lacks a bit of detail on the back treads. I may put a cross on the side above the number.

Up next: I have the rest of this army built and spray primed and base coated. I am just working on the bases of four guns so they will be next. Then I may turn out 11 Hanomags and a plane before focusing on a huge grow of infantry. It is also club night on Tuesday.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gotham buildings update

Last weekend I picked up a few HO-scale railway buildings at a model train swap meet to fill out Gotham for a superheroes game I plan to run one day. I got three buildings for $20.

A bit of spray paint and drybrushing wand washing helped out these coal and water towers. I see the 1940s sign I put on the water tower has "glared" out.

I did a similar job on this warehouse.

Overall, a pretty decent piece in the end. Hey, who let the Mad Hatter on the roof?

Up next: Back to some serious 15mm WW2 building, starting tonight The temp is going up so I will be spray priming to beat the band this weekend.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

54mm AWI Rebel General

Last week a big order of 54mm AWI troops arrived from All the King's Men. I have primed the figures but mostly set them aside for some Xmas painting. I couldn't resist doing the mounted general, though.

This is a huge figure (below compared to a 1/72 horse) and quite fun to paint. I seem to be leaning more towards a toy soldier (rather than display quality) look. I did do the eyes (including whites) but only the pupils seem to have survive the wash.

The sculpting is quite fine and there are almost no casting lines to remove. The camera picked this fellow out as a face when I started to take pictures. I learned quite a lot on this figure--interesting how a different scale presents different challenges.

Up next: I'm working on the HO-scale Gotham buildings I picked up on the weekend. After than, it will be back to more 15mm WW2.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Trains for Gotham and holiday prep

I did a bit of work on some of the HOI-scale train stuff I picked up yesterday. The snow slowed priming of the buildings but I did some dry brushing and washing of the cars.

I've posed them with Elongated Man to give you a sense of the scale fit with 28mm Heroclix repaints. A bit small but that isn't a bad thing with skirmish terrain.

During a window in the snow, I also rush rout and primed a bunch of 54mm AWI fellows I built last night. These will be my holiday painting project over Xmas. There are another dozen or so skirmishers and an artillery crew that are primed but not based.

Up next: Likely some HO-scale buildings, although that will depend on the weather.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

WW2 artillery and tanks and some pulp buildings

Last night I finished off the second (of three!) 15mm WW2 armies I agreed to paint. What was left was a bunch of guns and some tanks.

There were two 37mm AA guns (with trailers). These were a bit fiddly to assembly but turned out alright. The eight 150mm rocket batteries were also fiddly (could have been two pieces but were six) but turned out way nicer than I expected.

I also built and painted five 15mm Plastic Soldier Panzer 4s with skirts. These supplemented six Battlefront Panzer 4s I did earlier.

The Plastic Soldier tanks were about two-thirds the cost of the Battlefront ones. Being plastic, they required more assembly but went together with regular plastic model cement--I'd say the build time and hassle were about the same. The only quibble I have with the Plastic Soldier tank was it proved impossible (in five attempts) to get the cupola hatch off the sprue without breaking part of the rim (a weird defect). Below are some side-by-side shots.

The Battlefront tank (left) is noticeable larger (wide, longer and taller) and has more detail. Seen front on, the Plastic Soldier tank has a much lower and more sloped front deck. I'm not one to fuss overly with details--just an interesting comparison.

This morning I popped into the fall Mainline Model Railroader's Fellowship (!) swap meet. The gym was full of mostly old white guys, a few exasperated wives and a number of very well behaved young kids. Could have made a killing selling combs tho (come on guys, make an effort!)... . Anyhow, there was much to see and buy (dozens of tables). I have a long dormant HO-scale Gotham project and I grabbed a few extra pieces.

The coal loader needs some TLC and the tower just badly needs a paint job. I got both for $5. The warehouse below is wired for light (!) and cost $15. It needs a shot of black primer and then and evening of drybrushing.

And I picked up five rail cars to block sidelines along a siding for $5 for the lot. They too need some paint. For $25, I think I did okay--buildings alone are running $50+ unbuilt these days.

Up next: I have some more 15mm WW2 to paint but I think I will take a break for a week or so. I got an order of 54mm AWI guys in that I am ready to prime (if the snow would stop). And I might take a stab at some of these buildings.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A few 15mm anti-tank guns

I'm slowly working my way through another 15mm WW2 commission. Last night I finished two anti-tank guns (think these are Pak40s).

These are plastic guns with plastic troops and came pre-built. Nice models.

I always struggle with long models and figuring out how much to overhang the barrel. Glad not to have to make this choice here (owner built them).

Up next: I have a bunch of 15mm Plastic Soldier Panzer 4s that are drying and need decals. I also have a bunch of anti-aircraft guns and some rockets. Then onto a third 15mm WW2 army--also Germans, but with way more infantry.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


We had a record 23 guys out at the club last night. I played a game of Swashbuckler that Bruce hosted on his fancy new terrain.

There was also a game of Zombiecide with maybe seven guys in it.

And there were five games of Warmachine underway.

Swashbuckler turned out to be a hoot. There was a search for the Queen's gem with four players controlling a total of eight characters. Cue swinging from chandeliers, throwing of chairs and beer mug and daggers and general mayhem. Below you can see poor Andy being the subject of a double-take out by my swordsman. Bruce's terrain was awesome and the game came down to a narrowly won rush to the door with the gemstones.

Up next: Some more 15mm WW2 is rolling off the production line.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Some 15mm WW2 German tanks

I'm working on a small commission: some 15mm late-war German tanks mostly. These are Battlefront models.

There were six Panzer 4 with skirts in the box. I am also assembling an additional five of these from a Plastic Soldier kit. The plastic kits are slightly more assembly but they glue a bit easier than the resin, plastic and metal Battlefront kits.

There were also four 37mm AA guns on a Panzer 4 chassis (I think) and a King Tiger.

Up next: Still on the workbench are two Pak 40s, five Panzer 4s and a bunch of guns. It is also club night on Tuesday.