Saturday, April 29, 2023

Crimean British

Alright, back to working my way through this large 28mm Crimean War project I inherited! Today is the first of a couple of batches of British foot in shakos from Foundry.

I think these guys turned out okay given my modest painting skills and all of the frigging detail on these figures.

There were also three command figures. Since these are old figures (1990s?) and Foundry has swapped out some of the sculpts, I had to guess a bit at what the uniforms should look like. There were also eight figures with slightly different shoulder dealies (epaulets?)

Anyhow, calling them done and moving on to a bunch standing at attention and another batch firing. That brings me close to the end of the foot (just artillery left, I think). Which, in turn, brings my closer to the enormous pile of mounted.

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Some 25mm Rebel reinforcements

In pointing up some Star Wars armies for Xenos Rampant, it became apparent that I was a bit short of support weapons for my Rebel forces. If the battles are set after RotJ (which, I think, is an interesting era), then I expect we'd see some captured Imperial kit plus whatever could be dragged out of storage.

These three tanks are, I think, Trade Federation tanks from the Clone Wars era? They are plastic and metal toys with irritatingly bendy barrels) that I repainted and weathered to look beat up.

These are too small for 25mm, but most of my vehicles are one or two scales "down" from the figures and they match the AT-STs pretty well.

I also made a few laser cannons a la Hoth. These are not as nice as the 3-D prints I see online but they cost basically nothing since I had all this stuff laying around.

Again maybe a step down scale wise, although these towers were not very big in the film, maybe 12 feet tall. I might put them bases to add some interest.

These were made with sculpty, wooden discs, nails, and some washers. Not the best figures in my collection but good enough.

Up next: Crimean war British, I think.

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Last of the Imperial Assault

This post is the last of the Imperial Assault and, I think, I have painted the entire collection over the years. Thanks to Brendan for trusting me with his little dudes. First up is Dengar on a snowy base (I assume that is a scenario thing). A bit more purple than I'd figured. I also snapped a shot of the back because I thought his backpack was pretty nicely sculpted.

The Ashoka, who is some kind of Jedi from one of the cartoon. Her hair (or whatever) looks better in person--some kind of camera issue causing the blue to look weird. Google suggests she used white lightsabers.

And finally, the Imperial Champion (some kind of Imperial Guard olympian, I guess).Only three colours so a nice easy one to end on.

Up next: The Crimea!

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Imperial Assault, almost done!

Alrighty then. I'm almost done with this last bunch of Imperial Assault figures. First up, two Imperial Infiltrators flanking an angry Scout Trooper (who may be some kind of double-agent?).

I think this fellow is the (or a) Imperial Inquisitor. More bent lightsaber woes. It would straighten out in hot water and then warp when it cooled. Best I can do is slightly bent.

This fellow is a rebel smuggler. The photo angle is not flattering and the figure is actually quite nice. 

Then green lady with droids. The Star Wars expanded universe is vastly beyond my ability to comprehend at this point so I've no idea who they are.

Up next: The last of the Imperial assault and then back to Crimea.

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Scooby Villains

Crooked Dice Miniatures put out a selection of 28mm Scooby villains that nicely go with the Scooby Gang from Hasslefree. Some of these I remember from the cartoon as a kid and others are... errr... mysteries to me.

Above we have a headless dude (Shakespeare?), Captain Cutler's Ghost, and Space Kook (yes, that was really his name). Below we have Miner 49er, some kind of scary clown, and the Phantom Shadows. 

Great sculpts and a fun set of villains to paint. Up next: More Star Wars.