Monday, October 31, 2011

More 10mm AWI

I feel like I'm on a bit of a roll with this commission--here is yet another unit of 10mm British AWI.

I believe these guys are the 42nd Foot, but I wouldn't swear to it (the unit numbers are on the bottom of the bases but they are all downstairs).

Up next: I finished the last of the British this week and have three units almost through basing. I will turn my attention to the Americans shortly. I also have a set of 28mm supers which are done and may be posted tomorrow.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

10mm AWI Dragoons

I completed the British 16th Dragoons as part of a commission I'm working my way through--almost half way now!

Again, 10mm Pendraken. I think the horses are nice. There are a few issues with the details not quite filling out (toes of boots, tips of sabres). The fellow below seems to be brandishing a carving knife, for example. It is hard to tell if this was a sculpting fudge or a molding failure. Nothing too terribly noticeable though.

I lightened the base colour of the horses from my usual dark brown and am quite happy with the results.

Up next: A unit of foot, some superheroes and club night. Then back to more 10mm AWI!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

10mm AWI: 42nd Foot

I finished off another couple of British AWI units. This is the 42nd Regiment (The Blackwatch, I think) in kilts.

The figures are 10mm Pendraken. The figures were nice but it took me awhile to get the tartan right. I started off with blue and green but could never get enough contrast to make it how up in 10mm. So then I added in some white checks on the kilt and the band of the tam. It looks a bit polka-dotty up close but looks fine on the table.

I couldn't find a good reference for the fabric over the back of the shoulder so I went with a green and black plaid pattern.

Up next: The 15th foot and the 16th dragoons. I also have the last three British units on paint sticks downstairs. I'll then turn to the Americans. I also have some more 28mm superheroes underway.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

28mm Knights

I finished up three 28mm plastic knights I picked up on eBay the other day. These knights were give-aways from an Ex Illis event last year. Ex Illis is (was?) a miniature game using computer-moderated rules. I recall the company being taken over soon after it launched and then lost track of what became of the game.

Terry brought a box of these to the club one night last year and they looked pretty good at the time. The miniatures were easy to assemble--the horse and rider legs come as two pieces that fit crisply together. You then mount the torso, add the arms, shoulder plates, head and shield. Not much room for customization but they went together quickly.

The shields have embossed emblems and I believe each sprue came with five options, include a blank shield. I mixed up the shields and colours to add some variety. I will use these as heroes in my HoTT medieval armies.

One of the sprues didn't have a head (or I lost it while cutting the pieces free) so I used a GW Bretonnian head. It is a bit big and the crest looks a bit over the top.

You can see a comparison between a GW plastic Bretonnian (perhaps with a modified sword hand) on the right and the Ex Illis on the left.

Up next: I have three units of 10mm AWI being based. And I will get some more Brits on painting sticks. I may also sort through some 10mm mechs I have and make up a pair of FUBAR or HoTT armies.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Full Thrust Star Trek

I dropped by Bruce's last night and brought out some 1/3700 Star Trek ships. We used a modified version of Full Thrust.

Both games went to the Federation player. I wonder if a few more Klingon ships might have evened the game a bit.

We saw some spectacular crashes through asteroid belts (two Federation and one Klingon) as speed increases made maneuvering more difficult.

Up next: Some 28mm knights and the back to some 10mm AWI.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A few more superhero re-bases

I finished rebasing the last of the superhero villains that I'd put on parkland bases this summer.

I quite like this fellow. I believe he is the Holiday Killer from Batman but would not swear to that!

Also a couple of high-tech henchmen above and another dude wielding a pipe below.

Up next: Bruce and I will be playing a bit of Star Trek Full Thrust tonight and I've made some good progress on some more 10mm AWI.

Monday, October 24, 2011

British 2nd Guards

This unit is the British 2nd Guards Regiment from Monmouth Courthouse. These are 10mm Pendraken AWI figures.

I'm always surprised with these figures how they go from being a small clutch of figures on paint sticks to a formed up unit during the basing process. The owner will add his own flags when he gets these--that will help make the command stand look the part.

These are the last of the AWI for a few days as I pause to paint some more. RIght now the Blackwatch (in kilts), some more foot and the 16th Dragoons are about half painted.

Up next: Some superhero villain rebases should be finished tomorrow. I'm gaming with Bruce Tuesday night and Wednesday I should have some 28mm mounted heroes done.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

10mm AWI artillery

Some more of this large 10mm AWI commission rolled off the assembly line last night. These are British artillery (perhaps 6 pounders?).

These were nice models--assembly was fairly easy. I have run into a small glitch with the limbers (can't figure out how the horses relate to the limber) so I will finish them later when that gets sorted out. I expect these fellows will cause the American militia some concern once the battle gets rolling.

I dropped in on the Kingsway GW store yesterday to pick up some static grass. That will be my last trip there: the store reeked of BO and the service was more than vaguely hostile. This was not my first bad experience there but it will be my last.

Up next: The 2nd Guards Regiment for the British are just drying and I have some more guys underway. I also have three 28mm knights about to be based up (heroes in HoTT, I think) and some more superhero-types to get rebased.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

10mm AWI grenadiers

I'm continuing to move 10mm AWI guys through the painting process. These are some 10mm Pendraken British Grenadiers.

These were labelled "generic" grenadiers so they may be extras and not actually represent units present at Monmouth Courthouse.

I was quite happy with how the details come up (the vest above and the cartridge boxes below, for example).

Up next: Some AWI artillery and guards are drying. I also have some 28mm knights that I've started and a few more superhero bad guys to re-base.

Friday, October 21, 2011

28mm heroes and villains

While more 10mm AWI move through the basing process, I knocked off a few more Heroclix repaints.

First up is the Elongated Man and Robotman. I think the latter was part of the Doom Patrol, but I'll need to go check that!

I also did three police officers to create from "levies" for the good guys. A female detective also got painted but had her leg amputated when I tried to cut her off another base. When I find the leg, I will get her patched up. Similarly, I did a couple of more goons for the bad guys.

Up next: Some AWI guards, grenadiers and artillery. I also built and primed three mounted horse from Ex Illis that I picked up on ebay. Interesting sculpts--we'll see how they paint.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

10mm British Light Infantry

These 10mm British AWI figures comprises the 1st Regiment of Light Infantry from Monmouth Courthouse.

Not sure why the pictures are a bit soft. I tried to base these in irregular formation but one that could also represent a line.

Uo next: More 10mm AWI should roll out this weekend. I also have a couple of 28mm superheroes I'm working on and I may have time to complete a based of 28mm knights.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 18th club night

We had 10 guys out at the club last night with four games running. I also took receipt of a good few boxes of auction items, with some fascinating odds and ends in them.

Dave the Younger and Scott played a game of Saga, with the Normans folding up at the end. "For those about to die...".

Dave the Elder and Chen played some pick-up DBA. No idea who won here.

Terry hosted bruce is a game of Merchants and Marauders. I'd like to give this one a try so perhaps Terry will bring it back.

New comer Jason kindly came out and hosted a game of Crossfire. I can't recall the last time I played (three years ago?). We played a NW Europe scenario, with Americans trying to dislodge some determined (and lucky!) Germans. Below you can see the Americans pinned into a corner after a lucky close combat allowed the Germans to turn their flank.

Up next: I have some 10mm AWI light infantry done and some more fellows under way. I am also chipping away at a few superhero repaints.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10mm AWI British Generals

The bases on some 10mm AWI British mounted generals are finally dry!

First up we have the CnC and his clutch of mounted flunkies. I will fix the bit of metal showing on the base edge this evening.

This fellow has a highlander in kilt beside him. I would have done more like this, but, you know, there can be only one. And the fellow below looks to be leading the grenadiers.

Up next: I'm hoping to play some Crossfire at the club tonight and should have some British light infantry done by Thursday. I also have more 10mm AWI on the way, including artillery.

Monday, October 17, 2011

10mm British AWI 1st Guards

I took on a reasonably large painting commission last week. These are 10mm AWI figures from Pendraken (I think). The first unit I finished is the British 1st Guards Regiment for the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse.

These fellows were very nice figures. Only a tiny amount of flash to carve off the bottom of the bases and they took paint well. The usual approach with black primer, block painting and a wash. The owner will add flags when he receives them back.

These are the first 28 of 400 and some so I'm still getting my eye in. There are based on 20x20mm bases (which are tiny!).

Up next: I have three bases of mounted generals and a unit of light infantry with bases drying. I also have three more units primered and underway. It is also club night on Tuesday.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

WW1 HiTT Artillery

I finished off the artillery for my WW1 British HiTT army. These fellows put me over the 2000-figure mark for the year!

There are two bases of Emhar artillery (below) with tin hats.

There is also one base of Airfix horse artillery (with caps).

Up next: I need to finish two bases of gas to complete this army. I have also been diligently painting 10mm AWI British and expect to roll out two or three units in the next week. The club is Tuesday and then more 10mm AWI!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

FS: 1/72 Macedonian DBA armies

The Edmonton Wargame Group games at a local venue called The Warriors of Time. This is a private venue from which several local clubs rent space. The Warriors of Time provides eight 4x6' tables, access to large quantities of terrain and painting space at a low price. The venue was renovated in the summer of 2010 and, with a very wet spring, suffered some water damage in the summer of 2011.

The various clubs are raising money to fix the leak and replace the damaged flooring. As part of this, the Edmonton Wargame Group will be hosting a silent auction on December 6th. I am supplementing this auction by selling the following DBA army--all money raised by this sale goes to fixing the venue in order to keep it open.

This 1/72-scale army comprises 18 bases. It allows you to field all options of the following DBA 2.2 armies: II/12 (Alexandrian Macedonians), II/15 (Alexandrian Imperials) and II/18 a-e (Macedonian Early Successors, all options). All of the figures pictured here are included and I will bubble-wrap each base.

There are six bases of 4Pk, three with pikes lowered and three with pikes raised (to facilitate double-ranking). These are Zvezda figures. There are are also three mounted bases: one 2LH and two 3Cv/3Kn. I think these are Revell figures but I would not swear to it. There is also an elephant (made by HaT).

Rounding out the army is one Art base and two 2Ps bases, four 4Ax bases and one 4Sp unit. All of these are HaT figures. All figures have been primed white, painted with acrylics, washed and sealed. They come from a smoke- and pet-free home if that is of concern to you.

I'd like $85 (including shipping in Canada or the US). As I said, all monies to the club for renovations. If you wanted to add an element or two to further morph the army, I have some extra pieces and would be happy to do so at a nominal charge. Offers to

Up next: I have a bunch of 1/72 British WW1 artillery for a HiTT army almost finished (just need to grass the bases). And I'm working on the first units of a 10mm AWI commission.