Saturday, March 31, 2018

HO-scale building

A work trip meant no gaming for me last week. But I did manage to finish off this HO-scale ruined building that Terry kindly gifted me.

It came primed grey so I built it, did some very basic painting, hit it was a wash and a sealer coat and called it done.

This will do just fine for Gotham. It also has a handy sewer access or broken cistern built in. I recently picked up some 15mm FoW figures as a job lot so I am working on painting them up for sale.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Zombicide survivors

Last fall, I picked up the basic Zombicide set pretty cheap at a swap-meet. I decided to paint up the survivors from the box (they come plain grey).

I'm going to save the zombies for Zomtober. I think the survivors turned out okay.

I based their paint jobs (more or less) on the cards that they came with.

Not every image translates well to figures and the weakest is Amy. On the other hand, Josh turned out pretty decent.

Ned had too much brown in his picture so he kind of blah's out when painted.

Doug, on the other hand, is nice monochromatic.

Amy is the funniest sculpt, with rollerskates and a chain saw.

 And then there is Phil who is your basic cop.

Overall, an easy paint. Working on some cultists, next.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Tricorne: Hobkirk's Hill

We had seven guys out at the club on Tuesday. Terry hosted a game of Vengeance (I think). They were still going after we'd finished two games of Commands and Colors Tricorne so I'm not sure how it ended.

Bruce, Taylor and I played the Hobkirk's Hill scenario from Tricorne. Historically, the Americans tried to envelop and then had to rout. That was pretty much how it worked out in both of our games (two British victories: 7:5 and 7:6).

 Game one saw the Americans advance on the right and then get creamed.

Things then started to fall apart and the British won with a unit kill that also put one of their troops up on the hill (which was a temporary victory banner).

We switched sides and the British had really amazing cards.

There was a general advance in the middle that was a long grind. The Americans would just not rout!

Over on the left, there was periodic skirmishing largely unrelated to the overall battle.

In the end, the highly depleted British managed to rout the rebel scum. Barely. Two pretty good games. I really like the new mechanics in Tricorne.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

15mm light riders

This week was a touch busy so only a few mounted figures. There are from a Battle of Westerros expansion.

They'll serve as light riders for a 15mm Dragon Rampant army.

U next: Maybe some zombie survivors?

Saturday, March 17, 2018

1/600 planes

Bruce popped over Tuesday for another go at some 1/600 planes using a modified set of c21 airway rules. Our first game saw two flights of MiG 19s assigned to down some Skyraiders.

The Skyraiders were on a pre-programmed flight. Bruce flew a pair of Phantoms on CAP.

This started out well for the North Vietnamese as I actually managed to get in behind the ground-attack planes. But then I could not make a maneuver roll worth beans and Bruce managed to splash two MiGs. I got two skyraiders in the end but it was a pretty clear US victory.

We then switched the WW1 biplanes. Germans escorting a bomber formation against a bunch of nasty Brits.

I had more discipline this game (and less tendency to over fly the target). I think Bruce got a bomber but paid pretty heavily against my escorts.

Overall, the modifications are pretty good. Dropping the cards has eliminated a lot of the tedious guess work. We talked about making shooting in close range a touch harder but otherwise I would say these rules are ready for prime time.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Few more Battle of Westerros figures

I finished off another 24 of these 15mm figures that I picked up on Boxing Day. These are from a Battle of Westerros expansion.

Nothing fancy about these guys--basic medieval swordsmen sans shields.

These fellows are a bit more Keep on the Borderlands, with their box axes and short skirts.

For plastic game pieces, these fellows will do just fine to supplement my Dragon Rampant armies.

I have a bunch of mounted that I need to turn my attention to but I just can't seem to get excited about painting horses.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Reign of Cthulhu

It was a quiet night at the club this past week. Terry brought out Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu for Richard, Chen and I.

Richard, Terry and I got in a quick intro game using the "easy setting". And we won. Barely.

Then Chen popped in and we romped to victory on the normal setting.

Overall, a nice light night. Red Claw was very quiet--thank again to Leanne for hosting us.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Who you gonna call?

I picked a few more not-Lego figures for gaming this week. First up were some Ghostbusters. These were a bear to assemble as the complicated backpacks had no instructions. Fortunately, google was a big help.

I also picked up some Big Bang minis. Below is Howard, Bernadette, Raj and Stuart.

And Sheldon, Amy, Leonard and Penny.

Up next: Likely some more 15mm Battlelore figures.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Air games

I was over at Bruce's on Tuesday and we played some plane games. First we started out using C21 Airwar to play a Vietnam game. I had two Phantoms to protect some ground attack craft from 4 MiGs. Better hurry up, boys!

It had been awhile since we had played (years?) and it showed in my play. I was always one move behind Bruce. Then my one plane stalled after a failed maneuver and augured into the ground while the other one saw its missiles go offline.

I did finally manage to get into the slot for one gun shot but it was a good day for the North Vietnamese airforce. What a mess!

Bruce then hauled out some WW2 planes (British Hurricanes intercepting German bombers and CAP) and we played a stripped down version that kept the initiative mechanics from C21 as well as the manoeuvre rolls but ditched the cards.

This gave a way better game, I thought. Bruce again creamed me, with his ME110s chewing up my Hurricane's right out of the gate.

I did manage to back in the game later on but had a hard time putting enough hits in the bombers to bring them down.

Overall, much slicker mechanics here that felt more like running a squadron than flying a few planes. Much less guess work as well. Hope to try this again with jets and the missile mechanics from C21.