Saturday, December 25, 2021

ST:TOS Romulans

Merry Christmas!

The job-lot of 25mm ST:TOS figures by Heritage included a handful of Romulans. I tweaked the paint job and based them.

I had purchased some Victory Force Miniatures ST:TMP Klingons a few years ago and painted them as Romulans. I hauled them out, touched up the paint jobs and marched the basing.

I also finished adding some hair to the Harry Kim (ST:VGR) figure (an old Wesley). I could not get a decent shot but the result is much better than this photo suggests.

Up next: Maybe some Star Wars or maybe some Crimean War figures. We'll see.

Saturday, December 18, 2021

ST:TOS Federation

As part of a job lot, I ended up with some old 25mm Heritage Federation sculpts, painted with enamels from 1978ish. I did some highlights, washed, and based them.

These are nice enough figures (slim and short by today's standards). 

Left to right above, we have: Matakishi, Innerspace, Heritage, 1st Corp, and Monopoly.

Left to right above we have: Monopoly, Heritage, Space Vixens from Mars, Heritage, and Matakishi. I'll do a more more thorough comparison over the holidays.

Up next: Romulans! 

Saturday, December 11, 2021

ST:TOS Klingons and Andorrans

I finally managed to find some old (1978) Heritage ST:TOS 25mm figures for a decent price. These go for the moon on fleabay (between $10 and $35 per figure!).

These were painted with old enamels (very neatly) but had picked up some chips and were a bit dark. I highlighted, washed and based them.

For 40-year-old sculpts, these are pretty decent figures. Small and slight by today's standards, but a fine addition. I will do a comparison of different manufacturers over the holidays.

Up next: Some Federation troops and some Romulans.

Saturday, December 4, 2021


Scott very kindly dropped off a couple of sprue of "good guys from the Terminator line. I previously painted some up as generic moderns in green and grey.

I wasn't sure what to do with these guys so I decided to do them in blue to supplement some of the Heroclix SWAT guys I have for Gotham.

There are a pretty reasonable match for the Heroclix. A tiny bit thinner (especially the weapons) and I didn't quite get the same paint colour, but close enough.

Up next: I finally found some 1978 Heritage 25mm Star Trek figure at a price that was stupid. So I'm currently doing ST:TOS Andorians, Klingons, Federation, and Romulans. Also a couple of random micro-scale space stations. I also, rather unfortunately, dropped a BIG tray of figures (10x36") and have some repairs to do. Luckily, only two figures were write-offs.