Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Big Trek!

So, a few weeks, back, I painted up some old 54mm Rawcliffe pewter Star Trek figures.

Then I found some online for a steal. They were painted but the paint job was a bit flat and also a bit dinged up. So I bought them, fixed the damaged, added some highlights and shading, and voila.

I'm pretty happy with the results. I see the bases need more paint (weird how the photos always show stuff I can't "see" looking at them).

These are the first three of the seven bridge crew I have. The rest will done for Saturday.

Up next: More big Trek!

Saturday, March 28, 2020

25mm Star Wars and Horrified

This is the last of the big batches of WEG Star Wars figures. These are Imperial naval troopers. There were 21 models but omitted repeated poses in these pictures.

These guys include a big gun. I now have two of these. The original one I painted up the gunners as rebel troopers so now can use both guns for either side.

The figures themselves seem to come from two sets. One is maybe the original box and is pretty beefy. The others are maybe from a ROTJ Endor set of sculpts and look thinner with helmets or win keeping with AT-AT crews.

I was pretty happy with how this turned out in the end. We've also been playing a fair bit of Horrified at home, finally getting the painted figures on the table.

So far we've mastered the intro game and will be cranking up the difficult level shortly.

Up next: Probably some 54mm Star Trek figures. I have a bunch more 25mm Star Wars aliens but they all require some research into what their outfits and skin tones should be and that slows down the painting.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Rebel Scum!

More WEG 25mm Star Wars today. 

First up are some rebel troopers plus a gun-totting Leia. One of the trooper looks like a commander of some sort (or perhaps he's just more stylish).

I also painted up a bunch of jungle troops. It was hard to find a decent picture of the Endor uniforms. And then, of course, painting camo breaks up the figures lines and makes the paint job look muddy.

The middle fellow in the picture below is actually a Hoth Trooper. I had about six of these so decided to just paint them green (since I wasn't collecting winter troops as well as summer troopers!).

Apologies for the blurry pix of Leia below. Trying to get a decent picture of the camo but the camera was unhappy with my foolishness.

Up next: Imperial naval troops, I think!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Bootlegged wookies!

So, no gaming for awhile because of the pandemic. But that means more time for painting!

I'm continuing to chip away at the large groups of Star Wars figures I picked up. I finished off the wookies today. After painting them, I noticed a few Chewbacca's seem to be recasts (smaller and thinner). This isn't super surprising given the age of the figures--mostly just interesting to run across.

There were also these aliens, with whom I'm not familiar.

Then the imperial spy from Tatooine. I agonized a bit about his base but eventually decided that everyone is getting the same basing.

The lot I bought also included Luke's land speeder.

It came with an alternative pilot (with more tactical head gear) and hood-mounted cannon. Very Car Wars!

I also received a Storm Skimmer, which is some sort of post ROTJ non-canonical vehicle designed to give speeder bikes some heavier support. The online pictures I say suggested the rear guy is support to be a pilot but I just had a second gunner so flipped him around. If we ever play Canvas Eagles again, I'm set!

Some other Imperial randos: A sand trooper and two Imperial guards.

I also unearthed a 28mm Tarzan from my desk.

Up next: Rebel scum!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

More WEG 25mm Star Wars

This is the second batch of West End Games figures that were ready to base right out of the box.

First up were some Ewoks. I have about 10 of these guys now.

There were also some droids. Lots of duplicates here so I will have some to sell off eventually.

The Rancor is a huge model (and HEAVY). C3PO for size! And finally some Mon Calamari, including an Admiral Ackbar.

Up next: Maybe some games. Definitely some more Star Wars troopers.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

25mm West End Games Star Wars

No gaming this week due to vacations and other assorted reasons. But that gave me some time to work on part of the 25mm WEG Star Wars collection I bought.

These fellows were already painted. So I tidied them up, washed, and based them. I was very happy to get a bunch of scout troopers (I previously had only one).

I also picked up a few more snow troopers and some sand troopers to flank another Vader.

The biggest group were Stormtroopers. These will fit in nicely with my existing lot now that the basing matches.

There are tiny differences in the detail painting that only I can see. At arms length, they looks the same.

Up next: Definitely more Star Wars!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

More old figures from the pile

Another odd-ball assortment of figures this week. On the left, I have a hero clix repaint (cleverly titled Ghost Finder to evade copyright problems). The middle fellow is a 25mm West End Games Star Wars figure I found under the paint caddy.

I also found some old (I think Ral Partha) sci-fi figures. These had been painted so I touched up, washed and base. 25mm WEG Star Wars Admiral for scale.

As the paint bench is starting to look pretty empty, I picked up a collection of WEG Star Wars figures (maybe 150 or so) from a local gamer. Some I have just washed and based. Others need some paint repair. Still others, I'm stripping. This should keep me busy for awhile!

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Temple of Chac

We had three guys out at the club this week and Terry put on the Temple of Chac. Basically, the game is an Indiana Jones-themed treasure-collection game. You have your usual rolling stone ball, closing walls, lava field, underground river and dodgey bridge 

We managed three games in under two hours. Each player gets two characters. Dan made use of his second character almost immediately in game 1. Terry's venture across the lava field saw him join Dan in the "redux" club.

I managed to stay ahead and cross the bridge Then I went back to jump on it and drop some boards for Terry. Then I booted it for the exit while the boulder trapped the others. An unlikely win!

It seems to me that there are basically two strategies: lava field treasure hunt or run and try to unlock the doors to various treasure vaults.

The lava field requires looking at and memorizing which tiles are trapped each game (while the walls are closing in). Since that is hard, I always chose run-and-pick, while Dan and Terry leaned towards the lava field.

This did not work well for me in game two as I got smeared and then trapped in the tomb (along with everyone else).

Game three was tight with everyone in the river as the boulder rushed towards the exit. I didn't take any pictures but Terry and Dan made it out while, weighed down by a huge amount of loot, I died steps from the exit. A pretty fun evening.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

More figures unearthed from the desk

So, as I work my way down through the levels of debris, I found these two huge Star Trek figures (Rawcliffe pewters) that I got somewhere.

They are about 54mm (or 1/35 scale). They will make useful initiative markers ("who has the Worf this turn?")

I also finished an old 25mm West End Games Tie fighter pilot and found a plastic droid.

There was also this 28mm Heroclix ("the Taskmaster") and this resin troll.

Up next: Hard to say--more random figures!