Friday, April 23, 2010

28mm Romans and 6mm European Towns

With the weather slightly overcast, gardening is out so I returned to finish some painting. First up were two bases of 28mm Roman triarii (4Sp) so I can morph my Marian Roman DBA army into a Polybian Roman army.

I originally was going to cut the pilum head off, drill out the right hand and then insert a spear head to make the triarii. But then I lost my nerve on the drilling an instead decided to fudge the spears behind the shields. Why they would have drawn swords while still holding huge, unwieldy spears in their shield hand remains a mystery... .

Overall, I'm happy enough with the result. But now back to basic legionnaires for awhile! I need about six more bases of them to finish up the 4Bd requirements.

I also knocked off two of the 12 hex-villages I bought. these actually look better in person than they do in these photos. The quality of the sculpts is somewhere between old (bad) JR Miniatures and new (much better) JR Miniatures. The price was right, though.

The town is nice.

I prefer the village. I'm going to do up enough of these bases to play whatever AWI/1812 hex-games I might want and then sell the rest.

Up next: A huge Rus DBA army is starting to get painted.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Painting update

I had a young friend over Saturday for some painting lessons. Here he is working on a band of LotR dwarf rangers.

While he painted, I fiddled with some 28mm Romans. Managed to assemble and prime them while giving painting lessons.

And here is one of my painting groupies ("don't touch!").

Up next: A 6mm terrain piece is almost done (just need to flock) and I have also just a few more steps left on finishing off two bases of triarii for my 28mm Roman army (allowing a morph from Marian to Polybian). I am also sticking some 15mm Rus to paint sticks to fill an order.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Napoleon The Waterloo Campaign

I popped by Brice's for a rare Saturday evening game of Napoleon the Waterloo Campaign block game by Columbia. Although the original dates back to 974, the verison we played was the most recent.

This is the main set up, with the Prussians (black) and British (red) facing the French (blue). Production values are high and the map is nicely done. Here you can see my defence of Brussels.

We played a fairly straight forward game with the first few turns being about consolidating forces leading to a clash in the middle of the table that Bruce (more verse din the rules than I) ought to have won. Fortunately, he had his usual luck with the dice.

While he did beat the hell out of the Prussians, he took some serious losses. I love the simple battle system: something like miniatures but using the blocks and a battle board.

What this eventually set up was a French rush on Brussels and Ghent while I scrambled to deal with it (all the while my blocks disappearing because my supply lines were cut).

I managed to eventually bring the British army (reinforced by the remains of the Prussians) and won a convincing victory in Brussels.

Up next: Some terrain, some 28mm Roman triarii and perhaps some dwarves.

Friday, April 16, 2010

15mm Polybian Roman DBA army

I managed to finish of a 15mm Polybian Roman DBA army (II/33) this afternoon. It comprises mostly Old Glory figures and is a matched pair with the 15mm Later Carthaginian army (II/32) I finished early this week.

The army includes two 3Cv bases, one of which is the general.

I think these turned out nicely.

Then there are six bases of 4Bd Legionnaires. This starts with three bases of hastati. These fellows have tunics and light chest plates.

The middle base is, I think also Old Glory and could represent allies. The shading on these came up nicely.

There are three bases of principes.

These fellows have mail and pilums.

There are also two bases of 4Sp triarri with longer spears and mail.

There are two bases of 2Ps veilites.

Overall, 40 foot and 6 mounted on 12 bases. Both the Carthaginian army ($70 + postage) and the Roman army ($50 + postage) are for sale. If you take both for $120, I will cover the postage in Canada and the US. Offers to .

Up next: Some 6mm hex-based towns for CCA are on the painting table. I am also assembling some 28mm triarii from Wargames Factory (two bases) to expand my Marian Romans to Polybians. Yes, the outfit will be slightly wrong but what the hell. Currently working on making the long spears.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

15mm Carthaginian DBA army

Despite the demands of the outdoors and the inlaws, I managed to do some painting this week. I finished up a 15mm all-option, Later Carthaginian DBA army comprising Old Glory figures.

Up first was two stands of 3Cv, including the general element on the left.

There were also two stands of 2LH.

The army also has 3 Wb (Celts, in this case).

At the centre of the army is three 4Sp.

I tried to do something unique with each shield design.

There are also a 3/4Ax option for rough terrain (Spanish troops, I think).

There are 4 2Ps with animal-print shields.

And finally two El stands with crew.

Overall, a diverse army to paint and a challenge to field.

Up next: I am working on the matching Polybian Roman army and should have those done by the weekend. Then on to painting the resin villages I bought last week and then I need to prep my MayDay game. I'm also off to Bruce's on Saturday to try out his new Napoleon game from Columbia.

Monday, April 5, 2010


A few weeks back a fellow on TMP was trying to move a bunch of hex-shaped villages he had sculpted and cast up in resin. They are on 4" hexes and I'm a sucker for hex terrain.

$60 later, a package arrived with 11 villages: 9 towns and two villages. Other than a coat of primer (perhaps tomorrow at lunch), these guys are pretty much ready to paint.

There are also three sets of walls, which will be handy as camps in CCA.

They also fit around the town to make them fortified.

With a Napoleonic version of CCA in the offing, I think these will be a handy addition to my terrain collection.

Up next: Grueling painting of a 15mm Carthagainian DBA army continues. Well, I'm having a good time, but trying to go slowly and do a nice job of them. Club is also tomorrow night!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Trip to Sentry Box... errr... Calgary

Back from a few days in Calgary visiting family and generally trying to forget about work. We had a lovely time. A desperate search for a public washroom led us to the Military Museums there and we had a nice hour touring about. Things are much expanded since my last time, with the addition of the Naval and Air Museums.

The dioramas were realistic enough to freak my six-year-old out a bit. And it was cool to be able to climb up beside a Seafire and a Banshee (great plane name, btw).

I'd like to go back another time when I could wander at length and engage the staff in conversation. Neither my daughter nor wife was interested in much beyond a basic identification (torpedo, carrier-based Spitfire, flintlock, vending machine).

I did manage a trip to the Sentry Box and picked up a few items some fellow's requested. I also bought a couple of books and even a box of HaT figures that might work for US troops in the War of 1812. This box got a poor review for pose quantity in PSR, but I think it is a perfect gamer box--every pose is useful and the multiples allow good formed units to be represented.

In Kananaskis we also took a quick tour of the remains of an officer POW camp. A pretty cool trip!

Up next: 15mm Carthaginians if I get the lead out this weekend (so to speak) and club night is Tuesday.