Wednesday, December 7, 2011

EWG new venue

We had 15 guys out last night for our first evening at the new venue and autumn auction. The new digs are very nice.

Terry hosted Chris and Dennis is a game of Merchants and Marauders. I was looking forward to playing in this bit ended up running a game of Pandemic instead.

Guy, Craig, Justin, Bruce and I managed three games between us, each time loosing the world to one contagion or another. Glad I chose labour relations and not public health as a career!

Dave, Chen, Scott and Kevin ran a four-player game of Saga. No idea what happened there.

We also held out annual auction, with Mike (MIKE!) and Alan-and-son dropping in to see what was what. We raised $390 (plus whatever dues were) so we are solvent into the future. I will post a treasurer's update when I get time to count the dough. Thanks to everyone who donated items as well as those who bought them.

Up next: Some 28mm skaven for the sewers of Gotham are drying on their bases and I will be prepping a bunch of 1/72 New Kingdom Egyptians.

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