Thursday, August 27, 2015

ACW: Battle of Gitmasskicked

I dropped in on Bruce Tuesday to continue our ACW Longstreet campaign. I was the attacker (crap...) and had to seize the two hills the union had occupied.

I should have lined everything up on the right and used my guns to refuse the left to create a five on three attack. Instead, I decided to try a gun duel on the right and storm the left. The gun duel was inconclusive.

My maneuvering on the left was good, but some cagey card play by Bruce and crap dice meant I got thrown back multiple times when I charged the hill.

I simply couldn't get his troops to move off the the crest no matter how many southern son's lives I wasted.

Then he started to tighten the noose!

I managed to get him to come down off the crest with card play and pushed in one last glorious attack, but eventually my morale broke.

Despite my lousy generalship, the campaign phase meant I am still a viable force. But I desperately need to be the defender soon!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Rebasing 8th Army

I picked up 50 painted Esci 8th army troops in a trade with Tim in Saskatoon. These were lovingly based but not in a way I could use so I ended up rebasing. This was less painful than I thought. Most went on four-man bases but a fair number were individually based.

There were a couple that required painting (an MG team). I tried to follow Tim's approach (black lined, no wash) but my hand is not as steady as his! He painted these fellows up as PPCLI troops for Sicily and I think they make a nice addition to my existing 8th army.

Below you can see my usual approach and Tim's approach. It is hard to say which I like better. Tim's painting is more defined and the figures jump right out. Mine have more subtle shadows. Happy to have these reinforcements!

Up next: I have some additional French tanks drying and I will continue to work on rebasing Tim's troops. I also have a bunch of Africa Korp infantry being painted.

Friday, August 14, 2015

WW2 British Desert

Some more 1/72-scale British troops for the 8th Army are done. First up are two Valentines. Nice kits with lousy vinyl tracks (I ended up stapling these--staples hidden by fenders). Glad these fellows came with crew figures.

I also painted up two metal kits I picked up in a big trade with Tim in Saskatoon: a jeep and a Mark VI.

Up next: I rebased a bunch of Tim's British Infantry (to try and get something "done") and the club runs next Tuesday.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fort Edmonton

I sometimes blog about historical Canadian military sites (for example, the Halifax Citadel and Fort York). I realized this summer I’d neglected to post anything about Fort Edmonton, which was the local Hudson’s Bay trading post.

There were actual five forts between 1795 and 1915 in various locations, the last of which was built on the flats below the eventual location of the provincial legislature. The remains of the fort were dismantled in 1915.

A recreation of the last fort (circa 1840) has been constructed as part of Fort Edmonton Park, about 5km upstream from the last fort site.

It includes the four story residence of John Rowand and several residences.

There is also a smithy and a York boat (as well as a new boat under construction).

The park also has a circa 1885 North West Mount Police Post (not pictured).

Friday, August 7, 2015

1/72-scale artillery for the desert

Over the weekend I finished up a couple of 1/72-scale WW2 models. The first is a Zvezda German 88. This was a very nice model to put together and came with crew.

I decided to paint up up for the desert and Italy.

I built this same kit awhile back and painted it for France 1940 (with a Luftwaffe crew).

I also built an old Airfix kit Jonathan passed my way. This is a British 6 pounder and would have seen service in the late desert campaigns and then in Italy.

The kit was okay to built. I forgot Airfix decal sheets need to be cut apart so then scrounged some decals when the Airfix ones came away as a full sheet.

The crew had some casting problems but were much appreciated anyhow.

Up next: We have club on Thursday (where I will be hosting a Memoir 40 game) and I have some additional 172-stuff underway.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August 4 Club Night

We had 15 guys out last night and actually ran short of games! I hosted a game of Memoir '40, presenting the Battle of Hannut-Merdorp (May 13, 1940).

We were able to play this scenario twice, with the wiley Germans winning both times. The French could not get a card or a die roll to save their souls.

The German win means that they will have an opportunity to add a tank during their next reinforcement role when I sort out the orbats for Resistance in Gembloux.

There were lots of other games going.

 Dan hosted a lot of guys in a game of Xwing including newcomers Adam and Steven.

Jonathan and Scott played some Impetus.

Dave and Dennis played DBA 3.

Up next: I bought/swapped a huge WW2 collection so I am sorting that out right now. Next up should be some more 1/72-scale WW2!