Saturday, December 31, 2011

More Flames of War French

And these are the rest of the 15mm Flames of War Goum infantry that I completed as a commission over the holidays. These will be the last new figures of the year bringing my painting total to 2870 figures, mostly 28mm and 1/72-scale figures, although a bunch of 10mm figures helped the total some.

We start out with the HMG unit.

There are a couple of bases of officers.

And four bases of gunners.

Then we have the LMG squad.

Again we have some officers. This fellow was my favourite of the batch--looks like he may have fought in WW1 and re-upped for the second go.

And four bases of gunners.

Then we have the mortar platoon.

There are two nice bases of officers, including these fellows with their map.

And there are five bases of mortars. All told, just over 600 points and exactly 100 figures.

Up next: Dave is dropping by for some HoTT today and Bruce will be dropping over for some Star Trek Fleet Captains on Monday and then it is back to work for me. I'll also be running a four-player game of Fleet Captains at the club on Tuesday. On the painting table are some 28mm Republican Romans--the metal is done and I hope to move onto the flesh and blocking in the clothing and the shields. After that, perhaps some 28mm Imperial Romans that have been lingering for years.

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