Saturday, January 30, 2021

6mm Roman archers

A few more 6mm figures rolled off the painting table.  

These are 80-some Baccus 6mm Roman archers. A nice, easy sculpt to paint.

Up next: I'm not sure--we'll see what is left as I unearth the top of the painting desk.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Fury of Dracula

I've been trying to work through my pile of existing projects and today I finally got round to painting the figures from The Fury of Dracula boardgame. I got this game in a trade maybe two years ago? I keep meaning to run it at the club at Hallowe'en. Maybe early October 2021?

These are 25mm soft plastic figures that come in an uninspiring grey. I primed them and then applied some washes. The result is hardly a master class in painting, but they are good enough for boardgaming.

These are 25mm figures. Below I have put Dracula between a 32mm Heroclix and a 28mm Pulp Figures.

The appalling colour on the bases was my effort to match the game board made worse by (1) harsh lighting and (2) a white primer. Put on the board (below), they look much better and have the watercolour effect I was going for.

I also found a few terrain items that I finished up. An extra model railway tree, some stacks of books from a Wizkids library set, and some rats and a skull from Pulp Figures.

Up next: Some more 6mm Romans. Then maybe some tin cans and a few Christmas gifts that have worked their way forward to the front of the paint table.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

6mm Sarmatian cavalry

I'm working my way through the box of 6mm Baccus ancients I bought before Xmas. Today I finished out what I think are 54 Sarmatian unarmored cavalry.

These had been glued to paint sticks and the horse flesh was blocked in. There was some damage to the lances from being banged about over the years and I straightened what I could.

Overall, they turned out nice enough on one-inch bases. They'll do as either heavy cavalry for the hairy or as local cavalry allied with the Romans.

Up next: Very hard to say. Maybe more 6mm?

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Random painting

Another hodge-lodge this week. I started off finishing the basing on an old WEG Star Wars figure (Hammerhead?) and a Clix Talosian (who vigorously popped off the clicky-base earlier this year and then disappeared into the mess of my painting table).

While retrieving the Talosian, I also found an old base of War of 1812 Canadian militia that must have fallen off the table two years ago when I was rebasing. So I popped them off the multi-figure base and put them on washers to match the rest. I see one of them also needs his trousers touched up.

Up next: No idea. Maybe more 6mm?

Saturday, January 2, 2021

6mm Roman auxilliaries

Back before Xmas, I picked up a bunch of Baccus 6mm figures that a local guy was looking to get rid of. As these things often go, turns out he's a friend of an old acquaintance in BC and bought them from another acquaintance in NF.

I mostly bought these on a lark because I was running low on stuff to paint and hadn't done any 6mm painting in close to 10 years (and I thought another lockdown was looming). Turns out, my eyes are way crappier than they were back in the day! The result, though is good enough for me.

I based these on one-inch squares. Most rule sets can be played in base-widths these days. And, looking at Bruce's recents efforts, two small bases means you can represent (left to right below), line, column or square/entrenched.

I'd forgotten how fast 6mm can go. There are 192 figures in these 16 bases and they only took a few hours to paint. I have a fair number of Romans and then some hairys to get to over the next few months.