Tuesday, January 28, 2020

FUBAR at the club

Apologies for missing a post last week; work got complicated. We had six guys out at the club last week and Bruce ran a game of FUBAR (near-future sci-fi).

Dan and Chen were tasked with crossing a river and taking three victory points that were defended by Terry and Richard. Units started on the board and arrived via dice roll and the game had a dice-activated clock. Terry and Richard had good starting rolls so were pretty solidly on the table. Chen and Dan had beans for troops for the first few turns, which was really hard to recover from.

The drop-troops arrived scattered but Chen and Dan managed to force their way into town and then clear it. But a flanking attack ended badly. Richard and Terry moved quickly to contain the bridge head.

At the end of the game, the attackers held one location and the defenders held two. Victory points were revealed and it was a handy win for the defender (which were poised to counter-attack in any event).

All told, a fun game to watch--the dice drive activation made for an interesting (and frustrating) game.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020


I'm keen to get to the club tonight. In the meantime, i finished off some starbases from Shapeways.

These four came as a set and cover the whole range of Star Trek series. They are not to scale with one another. The first is the Earth dry dock (which would be huge).

The Deep Space 9. This is pretty close to scale with the 1/7000 Star Trek fleets that I have.

Then we have K-9 from TOS. this is also pretty close to 1/7000 scale.

And finally Regula station from Wrath of Khan. This station would be about the size of the light pole on top of the Earth dry dock if the stations were in scale.

Overall, fun little models to serve as objectives in a game. Up next: club night and maybe some vipers and raider.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Colonial and Cylon Fleets

No gaming this week because I frostbit my eyelid in the cold. But I did continue to paint.

Up first are two more tiny fleets from Shapeways: original series cylon and colonial fleets. Again, the washers I used for bases are one-inch across so the ships are in the 1/7000 to 1/10000 range.

I think the basestars are all identical. There look to be two types of battle stars (three smaller and two bigger). I'd have to go look online to sort out what (if any) difference this reflects.

I have a bunch of vipers and raiders to paint yet. But I did managed to get paint on the rag-tag fugitive fleet. But apparently that did not extend to painting their bases so those go back on the paint table for some touch ups.

Up next: Space stations, fighters and some club gaming, I hope!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Cardassian and Dominion fleets

Bruce and I have been fooling around with adapting Axis and Allies: War at Sea to Star Trek using some 1/7000 (or 1/10000--very tiny anyhow) ships from Shapeways.

I had Federation and Klingon fleets. Bruce picked upside Gorn and Kzintzi while I added some Cardassian and Dominion ships over the holidays.

Painting and photographing something this small is tricky (the washers I'm using as bases are one inch across). I painted the Cardassians a golden yellow, detailed and washed.

The Dominion I painted grey, detailed and washed mauve. The paint job looks okay at three feet, which is mostly what I was going for.

The nacelles on the Dominion ships turns out okay.

In a second order I put in with Bruce I also picked up some BSG ships and a few space stations so I will be painting those next.

I'm hopeful to get a game going with the revised rules in the next few weeks.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

La Salle and PBI at the club

We had eight guys out at the club this week. Bruce hosted Richard, Terry and Scott in a game of La Salle. I think the defenders managed to hold off the attackers' efforts to expand a bridgehead.

Mike hosted Dan, Chen and me in a game of Poor Bloody Infantry (v1). This was set in Italy with the Loyal Eddies attempting to clear some Germans out of some houses (the Germans set up hidden).

On the German right, the Canadians came forward pretty relentlessly.

Over on the left, the Canadians ran into stiffer resistance on the woods.

A firefight saw the Canadian left attack stall out. Mike's cursed green dice were entirely responsible for this. Death to the green dice!

Mike's 10mm figures are very nicely painted, however. And his terrain was super slick so I guess can forgive his choice in dice.

The Germans took the offensive on the left and push an assault forward into the woods.

The result was that everyone but the German platoon commander died ("Ach, Scheisse!"). This basically ended the Canadian attack on this side.

On the right, the Canadians came on strongly but ended up strung out with command and control woes. The Germans then redeployed to contain the Canadians and counter-attacked.

With the game-clock running out of time, the Canadians were thwarted and the Germans won based on casualties.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

15mm paratroops and AA for sale

I finished painting out a job lot of 15mm WW2 figures I bought awhile back. I have added these to my 15mm WW2 for sale page.

First up are two platoons of German paratroops. The figures are Battlefront metals and on FoW bases.

Getting a decent picture is always tough. They have camp smocks. Two broken rifles were converted to panzerfausts. The bases almost all feature an MG team plus infantry.

There are two command bases as well for a total of 78 figures (18 four-man bases plus 2 three-man command bases). I'd like $80.

I also have two resin Battlefront Panzer 4s with 37mm AA guns.

These are pretty nice models and the turrets are loose (so rotate).

I'd like $20 for these.

Up next: Some HO-scale terrain, I think, plus the first club night of the year.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Yes, more Zeds. Sorry.

Happy New Year! Okay, so these truly are the last of the Zombies for awhile. The Toxic Mall box had zombie versions of the characters from the first Zombicide box.

So I painted them up to finish off the Toxic Mall box.

The Zed-versions are pretty beat up. I matched the clothes as best I could.

In a few cases, I couldn't find the paint I used last time (a couple of years ago).

Happy to be done these guys.

Up next: A bunch of 15mm WW2 German paratroops.