Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lundy's Lane Redux

I replayed the Lundy's Lane scenario from the club a few weeks back using DBHx. Bruce dropped by and I was keen to see how DBHx handled things differently than For Honor and Glory.

American "General Hilfiger" opened the game by throwing out a flanking probe on his right to see if he could unhinge the British grip on the hill. A nasty firefight ensued that stalled things for him.

Eventually his reinforcements came on and marched forward. At this point, things were looking bad for the British, whose own reinforcements were still several turn away.

A lucky shot, decapitated the reinforcement's command structure and also caused them to test on the optional morale chart we were using and they stalled. Had I risked a long-odds shot at Bruce's other general, I could have completely crippled his command structure but instead I popped a militia unit.

Undeterred, Bruce surged forward onto the hill as my reinforcements appeared and night fell (no more shooting attacks). My original command held out just long enough for the reinforcements to get to the hill before failing their morale roll and beating a retreat. But the weight of the reinforcements was too much, pushing back and breaking the intact American command before wheeling right to dispatch the leaderless American reinforcements.

An almost historical result that would have been better had the British reinforcements been forced to come in from various points on the board. Comparing DBHX and For Honor and Glory, I'd say DBHx emphasized the war while For Honour and Glory emphasized the game. Neither was superior--just a different feel.

Up next: A WW1 tank is based and drying. Some 15mm Greeks are done and more are underway. And I need to pull out Pandemic and read the rules for the club next week.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Black Cat Bases

Earlier this summer I repainted a bunch of 28mm Heroclix superheroes for the upcoming Ganesh Games rules Power Legion. At the time, I based them on washers with a park-like theme.

After some consideration of the terrain I will be using, I decided that a more urban-looking base might be good and ordered some resin bases from Black Cat Bases.

They arrived a couple of weeks ago. There is a mix of sidewalks and sidewalks with gutters. I painted them up and then transferred Bats to one. Overall, the effect is nice and is largely what I was after.

The quality control on the Black Cat bases is not great. No bubbles but a bit of excess resin in a few placed. The biggest issue is that the thickness of the bases varies quite a lot (some are twice as deep as others) and many are not level (see Bats above for an example). I'd hoped for a bit more quality control. I suppose I could sand them flat, but sanding resin is not good (dust).

Up next: A 1/72 WW1 tank is being based and some more 15mm Greeks are underway. I also have a game tonight with Bruce: Lundy's Lane in 1/72 using DBHx.

Monday, August 29, 2011

15mm Aitolian Late Greeks

With my vacation over and house guests sent home, I've returned to painting and have completed a 15mm later hoplite DBA army that is a commission.

This army comprises four bases of spear. This picture is poor (weird lighting this morning) but the shields look nicer than they appear here.

I was left to my own devices for the shields (pardon the pun) so I copied what I could from the box art and winged the rest. The next part of the commission has shield decals which look lovely.

There were also seven bases of psiloi. These went together alright. I might clip the spears down a bit on the next batch. These are brass spears supplied by the customer.

They dynamic poses Xyston produces places the spears in more vulnerable positions during game play and I worry about incidental contact knocking the spears loose. I had to reattach one during painting. I'm hopeful that crazy glue plus primer plus sealer gives them some resistance. There is also one base of light horse.

Up next: There are three batches of Greek hoplites that I am working on as well as some ballistae. I also built a 1/72 WW1 tank and will prime it this afternoon. After that I may clear some 1/72 AWI off the painting table and look at rebasing some 28mm superheroes on some Black Cat bases I bought.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Flying Colors

With summer drawing to a close, Bruce swung by yesterday for another game with his new ships. This time we tried GMT's Flying Colors.

I was a bit hesitant when I saw the QRS (such big combat resolution tables!) but this was unfounded and the game played quickly and well. I started out well, cross Bruce's T.

Things went downhill from there as he started pounding on my hulls while I shot at his rigging. A swirling battle ensured and I managed a very narrow victory (although as it turns out, I win by a huge margin in victory points).

Overall, a solid game that plays about the same as Man of War. Flying Colors felt a bit grittier (more like I was sailing) and I think Man of War would be better for a multi-player club game (things would move faster) but both were fine systems.

Up next: I have a 15mm Aitolian army painted--just need to wash and base it. Then onto some more 15mm Greeks and then back to some 28mm renaissance.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

FS 2mm terrain

I have a bunch of painted 2mm (yes, two millimeter) terrain that I would like to move on. It is lovely, great for air games and works well to represent terrain with larger scale figures. But it hasn't been out of its box in two years so it needs to go! Proceeds will help fund my sabbatical to New Zealand in 2013!

First up are some three large villages and three small ones. All of these are made by Irregular Miniatures.

As you can see, there is quite a lot of detail here.

There are also three towns, another small village and a windmill.

The painting includes a nice wash. If you don't like the sheen, you can give it a quick hit of dullcoat.

And there are 23 sections of trees. I'd like to sell at the cost of the unpainted metal as well as postage. That comes to $40 OBO plus $15 postage in Canada or the US (if postage is more, I will eat the cost and if it is less, I will refund the difference). Each piece will be wrapped in bubble. Offers to

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Renaissance foot

I finished off three bases of the 28mm renaissance foot I started this week. I will set these fellows aside as I focus on a 15mm commission but more are awaiting attention!

These are GW Empire troops. I think I finally started to get the painting sorted out on renaissance. A bit too bright overall, but that is easily remedied with some black, cream and brown thrown into the next batch.

The command base could likely use a standard attached to the upright pike on the right. Otherwise, I think this base is ready to lead my troops into several horrible defeats.

These advancing pike/spear are okay. I wish the spear were longed but they rank up nicely with the short spear. I have some Perry late medievals that will get pressed into use with longer pike.

These fellows seem ready to form a second rank of pike. Future builds will have more variety of heads and whatnot--I was using up some of the pre-built figures that came with the job lot I got on TMP. I think there is some nice diversity of colours and decorations here.

Up next: Some 15mm Aitolians are primed and will get some paint this morning. Then some more 15mm Greeks. Then back to some 28mm renaissance. There is a mounted general base as ready to take paint. And I will build some pike and shooter units from the figures I have.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Man of War playtest

Bruce brought over a game of Man of War (not GW's Man-o-War, but rather a 1983 game by Simulations Canada) along with his new GHQ ships.

We played a pair of meeting engagements. In the first game the wind turned against me just as the two lines met, meaning I was in irons while Bruce sailed around me, and laying down a serious beating.

I could not roll to save my life and, with ships striking colours and others with decks awash, I conceded.

Game two started better. I had the wind, was in a good formation and was crossing Bruce's T with my main line.
I caused one of his ships to surrender and then started shooting blanks again. Bruce out shot me about 5 to 1 before my ships started packing it in an again I conceded.

Overall, this was a great set of rules that Bruce tweaked by adding a Mustangs-like movement sequence. Everything worked and it showed off the miniatures well with no need for a roster. I think with tweaked fire factors, it would work well for Great Lakes battles in 1812.

Up next: Some 28mm renaissance foot are drying. And I am building some 15mm ancients for a commission.

Friday, August 19, 2011

28mm renaissance reiters

I'm continuing to finish off some of the renaissance stuff for DBA-RRR that I started before turning to a 15mm panting commission that has arrived. Today I have six 28mm reiters done.

These are GW figures (Empire) that I got on TMP. The figures are nice enough but they are mounted on enormous horses--bigger than the armoured warhorses the gendarmes are riding.

I'm not totally thrilled with how these guys turned out but they helped me get my eye into the period and the foot that I will post on Saturday are very sweet for the experience I gained.

Between what I have painted and a box of Perry late 15th century foot I have, I think I can actually complete an early renaissance German army. Might need to fabricate some hordish foot.

Up next: A game with Bruce this afternoon. Then the remaining 28mm foot I've been working on. Then a 15mm Greek DBA army and some 15mm Greek hoplites.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

28mm renaissance gendarmes and artillery

I've moved a few more renaissance pieces towards completion this week. First up is some artillery.

This is a GW Empire volley gun. Fairly ridiculous from an engineering perspective but pretty enough to look at. Assembly was a major hassle because I lacked instructions and the gun itself makes no real sense.

Overall, not a bad first stab. I am hopeful future foot will have fancier costumes. I'm still getting my eye into this era and looking about for good examples. I've been using the Fields of Glory Renaissance companion books for inspiration.

I painted up four more gendarmes. These are again GW empire figures and will serve as German troops. Sorry the pictures are so bad--my camera won't let me adjust the depth of field manually.

I believe I got these from Dave (who did most of the assembly) and all I've done is paint them. These are a nice tradition from medieval-style heraldry towards the crazier colour schemes of the renaissance.

Up next: I have six reiters done (on huge GW horses) and drying. I am also working on a bunch of renaissance foot. And a large 15mm ancients commission just arrived that I will give some attention to this afternoon. I'm also hopeful to get a game in with Bruce tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lundy's Lane

We had seven guys out at the club last night with two games running. I hosted Kevin and Scott in two games of For Honor and Glory, miniaturizing the Worthington Games' title with some 1/72 plastics.

We played the Lundy's Lane scenario, with Scott playing General Scott (the Americans) and Kevin playing General Gordon (the British). Both sides have reinforcements to feed into the fight and about half way through the game, night falls with all shooting being limited to one hex.

Game one saw the Americans roll high and moved quickly to dislodge the British from the hill in the centre of the board. The British were never able to retake it, which was a historical outcome. Scott's roll were amazing and made up for his terrible luck two weeks ago at Crysler's Farm.

Dave hosted Craig, Chen and Terry in a game of Blitzkreig Commander. This was an early war eastern front game with the Germans needing to get a convoy across the table while the Russian's sought to interdict the German trucks. There was a lot of burning armour and I think Craig snuck out a win for the Germans.

Scott and Kevin reset Lundy's Lane for a second go and we saw a much cagier game the second time around. The British had better rolls and the Americans were never able to muster the strength to dislodge them from the hill.

As the British moved reinforcements on under the cover of darkness, the American dragoons raised hell behind the lines, picking off weakened British units. Eventually we saw a British victory of attrition, although they also firmly controlled the hill throughout the game.

Up next: Some 28mm renaissance mounted and artillery is drying. And I have some more 28mm renaissance foot primed.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

28mm Renaissance Germans

A long-delayed project is a 28mm plastic renaissance army for play with DBA-RRR and HoTT. I've finally gotten a move on and am enjoying the more complex and colourful outfits. An upcoming horseman has pink, yellow and baby-blue--not as horrible as it sounds!

These bases are German gendarmes. I believe they are GW Empire troops I got in a trade from Dave. Although lance-based horse were not big in this period (as far as I can tell), these are quite nice models thus I will find a place for them. They can be an allied contingent for the more Italian-looking foot troops I have.

Up next: I have another three bases of gendarme underway. I am also working on some mounted handgunners which are also GW figures that I think I got on TMP. And I have assembled and am painting a rather stupid-looking GW Empire volley gun as an artillery piece. Plus I need to get my War of 1812 game together for the club on Tuesday.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

15mm zombies

Back from vacation and I finished off a small commission of 15mm zombies. No idea of the manufacturer.

There were 70 zombies in about 11 poses. Based on the number of firemen, cops and hookers, the infection must have started during an annual emergency services conference at a bordello.

I did what I could do with paint to reduce the sameness issue with multiple single-poses. This large lady has two floral mumus in addition to the figures shown below. The basing was a specific request: plain grey over top the integral base set upon a tiny washer. I assume this is to match a "concrete-jungle" theme.

There were also four survivors, including dude with a knife (which reminds me of a saying...), two office workers and chick dressed appropriately.

Up next: I have been working on some 28mm renaissance figures. I put this army off because the painting was intimidating but I'm making good progress. I have four Germanic knight-types done and being based. More knights and some mounted pistoleers are next. I also have some 1/72 AWI Americans primed with the flesh done but I am stalled on these.