Monday, July 30, 2012

FS painted 28mm Lord of the Rings HoTT army


I have for sale a painted 28mm Lord of the Rings "good" army for Hordes of the Things. This army comprises 18 bases worth 47 AP. There are also enough units here you could play an "all elf" army. 

All units have a 60mm frontage and come from a smoke- and pet-free home. All figures are GW metals or plastics (with one exception noted below).

First up we have Gandalf the White. I would play him as a 4AP Magician and, perhaps, as the General element. Alternately, you could use the Strider figure below (with Samwise lurking behind) as a 4AP hero General.

I have also included a second 4AP hero in the form of Legolas if you wanted a smaller army with heavy punch.

The bulk of the army comprises elves. There are four bases of 2AP shooters. I mixed up the colours to make the relatively few poses look more varied and dynamic.

There are also three bases of 2AP elven blades.

To add some extra punch, I put together two bases of 2AP dwarven blades.

Note that one of the bases includes an armoured hobbit to fill out the ranks.

I also did two bases of hobbits. I would play these as 1 AP lurker elements but they might also suffice as 2AP warband bases.

The only non-GW model is this small metal catapult, staffed by three hobbits as a 3AP artillery piece.

There is one mounted base, either a 2AP rider or knight stand. 

There are also a couple of elven heros if you wanted to play an all-elf army. This includes a mounted Glorfindel (a 4AP hero or a 2AP rider). 

There is also a 4AP hero in the form of a dismounted Glorfindel with guard.

Finally there is a stronghold. These are GW ruins with a Boromor figure. 

I'd like $200 OBO for this army. That is a bit higher than I've asked in the past, but the GW figures were more expensive. I will cover shipping to Canada or the US. All units will be bubble wrapped individually for protection.  Offers to .

Friday, July 20, 2012

Hott Lord of the RIngs Mounted

I finished off the mounted units for my Lord of the Rings 28mm "Good" Hordes of the Things army today. There are two bases.

The first one is a two-figure base that I'd use as riders. Mostly I was looking to use the few mounted figures I got in an auction lot.

Gimli and Legolas turned out quite nicely.

Not sure who this elf is but this could be either a hero or a rider unit. The sculpting is quite dramatic.

Up next: Some 15mm cavalry are underway (built, primed, horses painted). I also need to spend some time cleaning the hobby room to see what else needs attention. I've been hankering to do a warband for Songs of Arthur and Merlin.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

HoTT LotR camp

The glue finally dried on this camp for the 28mm Lord of the Rings army that I'm about to finish.

These plastic ruins are from the Hilltop set and painted up quite nicely with a wash. I'm not sure where plastic Boromor is from--I painted him quite awhile a go and he has been waiting for a proper basing.

The rest is just sand, glue, putty, rocks and flock.

Up next: The last two mounted elements from this army are being based today. I've also started painting some 15mm cavalry for a commission.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 17 EWG Club Night

We had 10 guys out at the club last night, with three games running. Dave, Andy and Chen began with a card game and then moved onto playing Command and Color Napoleonics.

Bruce hosted Scott, Chris, Terry and Mark in a game of Maurice. This game was set on the subcontinent and saw the British withstand multiple attacks by the locals.

Stu and played a couple of games of HoTT. He brought out a freshly painted easterling LotR army and I pulled out some Star Wars Imperials.

Game one went to Stu. I had things well in hand, then ensorcelled my general, then rolled seven ones for pips in eight turns. Stu just picked me apart at his leisure.

Game two saw me put down a river and then rush to get across it. I suppose I could have defended the bank but that would have been pretty boring. The resulting furball eventually went my way, but there was a fair bit of luck involved at the end!

My imperial army needs a few more units that can hit hard. Maybe a couple of blades or a hero in lieu of one of the riders and two of the shooters? I must finish my camp as well.

Up next: I have some more LotR drying and I have started on some 15mm Polish cavalry.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

28mm hobbits for HoTT

I've come to quite enjoy lurkers in HoTT. They keep the other guy honest about using terrain, they don't cost much, and it is fun to jump out of some woods and bag an element.

The collection of Lord of the Rings figures I picked up at the MayDay auction included a lot of hobbits so I did up two bases of lurkers. These could also be warband. Please pardon the overly vibrant red--my camera seems to have trouble coping with red these days.

I also did a base of artillery crewed by hobbits. The artillery piece I got in a trade from someone and the crew are just repurposes GW figures. There is a stack of boulders obscured by the catapult.

Up next: Tonight I'll be playing some HoTT at the club and then I have a couple of more LotR units (a camp and some mounted) that I'm just finishing up. Then a break for a week and then onto some 15mm Polish cavalry.

Monday, July 16, 2012

28mm LotR HoTT shooters

A weekend of cooler weather gave me time to finish off some 28mm Lord of the Rings figures for a HoTT army I've been putting together. These are figures I picked up at the MayDay auction.

There were enough elves to do four bases of shooters. I can't say I find the plastic GW elves to be any great shakes, but with some effort, they turn out to be quite workable in big groups.

They'll nicely complement the blades that I put together a few weeks back.

I also did a hero base, with Legolas and a hobbit.

Up next: I have a couple of bases of hobbits drying as well as a camp and a dragon. Underway are a couple of mounted bases, which will round out the army. I also have some 15mm Polish cavalry built and primed.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Last of the 10mm AWI

I finished the last 136 figures in a 10mm AWI commission I took on. These are Pendraken figures and were described by the owner as farmers.

For this reason, I tried to paint the majority of these guys in plain clothes, including some home spun and maybe a bit of buckskin. The owner will supply his own flags.

Overall, nice figures but a batch of 136 was a bear! I'd do smaller groups next time.

Up next: Some 28mm LotR bowmen, hobbits and hobbit artillery are working their way to a finish. I also have started assembling some 15mm 17th century Polish horsemen for a commission. I'm hopeful to get a bit of HoTT action in at the club on Tuesday.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Finishing up the CCA scenarios

Bruce dropped by last night for a game and I pulled out CCA (too hot to be creative) and found the last two scenarios in the base game that (for some reason), I've never played before. First up was Ticinius River (218BC().

The game pits an all-cavalry (light and heavy) Carthaginian army against a mixed Roman army (medium horse and light infantry). Historically, the Romans got thrashed. Bruce managed a repeat but it was closer than I thought it was going to be.

We then played Castulo (211 BC) where again the Carthaginians thrashed the Romans historically. In game one, Bruce really put a beating on me. It was close until the end when my heavy legion marched up and got destroyed in a single turn. A very frustrating way to lose!

Game two was a (rare) Roman win (!), again with the heavy legion being the decisive factor. This time, my dice were incredibly hot, taking two units one single rolls. Tough to come back from that.

Although CCA is not the best game ever created, it is easy to set-up and play, moves quickly and can be fun. Must now look at the second expansion and see what needs to be played there. Perhaps Bruce will bring out CCN one day when I'm at his house.

Up next: I am almost done the last 10mm AWI. An army injury nixed painting this weekend but I just have the gun metal, washing and basing to do. We'll see how my arm is tonight. THen onto some 28mm LotRs.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

10mm AWI foot

Along with yesterday's cannons, I completed two units of 10mm AWI American foot. These are Pendraken and the owner will be supplying his own flags.

I'm currently working on a collection of militia units to round out this force. I've got the flesh and four different fabric colours done. Now onto some brighter colours plus wood and gun metal. I hope to have these final four units done by the end of the weekend.

Up next: After the 10mm militia, I have some 28mm LotR I will finish and then a new commission (15mm 17th century Polish cavalry) has arrived. These are troops from a Polish company. Then perhaps some scenery.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Just a quick note to thank all of my readers. I crossed the 200,000 page-view threshold sometime earlier this week (maybe Monday night) which is very gratifying!

 -- Bob

10mm AWI cannon

I am quickly moving forward to completing a 10mm AWI commission (yay vacation!) and today finished some American cannon.

There were three groups of cannon (at least I think these were the groups). First up were some small grasshopper style guns (maybe a bit bigger than that).

Then there were some larger guns.

And finally a mixed battery of small, medium and large. Overall, lovely figures to work with from Pendraken. I quite fancy the fellow holding the torch.

Up next: I have two units of 10mm regulars with the bases drying. And last night I primed and did the flesh on about 150 militia. That is a lot of buck-skin and linen. I hope to finish them off by this weekend. Then onto some 28mm LotR figures I have been chipping away at.