Saturday, October 28, 2023

Imperial Assault figs

A friend dropped by some more Imperial Assault figures to be painted so I knocked off the three easiest this week. First up is Admiral Thrawn.

Apologies for the wonky lighting. The seasonal shift in daylight is giving my camera fits this afternoon. His suit is whiter and his eyes are redder in person.

There were also a pair of wookies melee dudes. The picture below gives a better sense of the actual colours and visual effect. The slight forward lean of the sculpt meant the frontal pictures entailed a lot of shadow and weird light balances.

 Up next: Some fantasy and then some more Star Wars.

Saturday, October 21, 2023

British heavy dragoons

After months of not being at all interested in these figures, I finally put on my big-boy pants and finished them. They are 28mm Foundry British heavy dragoons for the Crimean. 

Nicely sculpted and all. Maybe the colours are a bit too bright--a black undercoat might have been better.

Up next: Some 28mm Imperial Assault Wookies and some 28mm fantasy are on the table right now.

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Xenos 'Nam

I popped over to Bruce's in early September for a Vietnam adaptation of Xenos Rampant. It was a rescue the downed chopper pilot scenario using Bruce's 28mm Name collection (mostly Pulp Miniatures).

I chose Charlie who was the attacker so got to choose which side the Americans entered on. I gave him rice fields and a village, in the hope that this would slow him down. 

Bruce did pretty well with activation rolls but his MG bogged down and the terrain was simply slow going.

I rushed my faster guys up in the hope of a grab-and-go victory.

His troops that dismounted from the M113 got chewed up by my MG team hiding in some brush. Bruce's team moved through the town but go knocked back my some RPGs. 

Eventually I was able to get to the pilot. I sacrificed a large number of troops to tie up his APC.

Then it became a foot race between my troops dragging the pilot to my base edge and his APC rushing to try and catch me. Some unlucky dice rolls saw the Americans stall and the VC hoof it off the table edge.

Overall, a solid game with lots of tension and drama. An airstrike beat up my units out in the open. There were also tough decisions on both sides about who to try and activate. I was fortunate that I'd divided up the tasks such that most of my units could auto-activate when I needed them to do something.

Saturday, October 7, 2023

Assassin and goblins

This week, I continued with the 28mm fantasy figures, finishing off an assassin and some goblins.

The assassin (or thief, I suppose) is a board gaming figure of unknown origin. I decided to go with a monochromatic colour theme. Meh. Looks okay and could do for a villain or a player character.

I also knocked off the goblins in the box Chen traded me. They were fun and have bows on their backs.

 Up next: I really should finish off the British Crimean cavalry.