Saturday, January 27, 2024

Crimean cannon

I finally finished the last of the Crimean foot! These three bases are 28mm foundry Russian cannons.

The models and the crew were pretty nice to paint.

I opted for 80x80mm bases, which seemed to work for Black Powder (being 4x the standard infantry base).

Up next: I'm grinding away on three units of Russian cavalry. The Cossacks are almost done.

Saturday, January 20, 2024

More 28mm scifi

Today, I finished a second batch of random sci-fi figures that I picked up on fleabay. These were all 28mm and I've no idea who made them. 

The two red guys above likely would have been better in black jumpsuits, but I had some dark red on the pallet and I'm not really happy with how my black outfits turn out. The blue boxer guy with one eye is a total mystery so they got a 1970s/80s Batman campy paint job.

The three ninja ladies are also unknown to me. Fortunately, I had some old clix figures (ninja clown ladies) so I just matched their paint jobs as best I could. And voila, the Joker gets a few more martial artists to slow down Gotham's finest.

Up next: I have some 28mm Crimean artillery and crews almost done and I discovered the Russian cavalry (sigh) so I guess it is more horses. So many horses. But, at the end of the horses, that is the end of the project (hurray!).

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Random moderns

This week, some random 28mm modern figures from a job lot on fleabay. I've no idea who made these Maybe Copplestone?

They are useful for pulp games as cop or thugs or special agents. The fellow on the bottom left looked way too much like Canadian rocker Kim Mitchell so I gave him some red hair. These guys look a bit shiny. Maybe I forgot to dull coat them?

Up next: More random moderns. I also need to get back to the Crimea.

Saturday, January 6, 2024


For Christmas, Santa brought me 20 3-D printed apes from Big Mr Tong. These arrived as grey plastic, rigged for slotta bases.

There were two variants. Ten guys had rifles and ten had some kind of submachine gun (somewhere between an MP40 and a grease gun?). The rifles I recall from the show. Not sure about the SMGs (it was a long time ago).

Overall, these were nice enough figures and mostly match the metals I bought from Crooked Dice a year or two ago. The faces on the plastics weren't quite as pronounced but otherwise they are close enough.

This fleshes out my collection enough for any kind of skirmish or gang-style game.

Up next: Some random moderns.