Monday, October 31, 2011

More 10mm AWI

I feel like I'm on a bit of a roll with this commission--here is yet another unit of 10mm British AWI.

I believe these guys are the 42nd Foot, but I wouldn't swear to it (the unit numbers are on the bottom of the bases but they are all downstairs).

Up next: I finished the last of the British this week and have three units almost through basing. I will turn my attention to the Americans shortly. I also have a set of 28mm supers which are done and may be posted tomorrow.


Ray Rousell said...

I'm sure the 42nd were a Highlander unit, it must be another unit?? Great painting though!!!

Bob Barnetson said...

Hmmm. Yes, that seems to ring a bell. i will go flip these guys over and look!

Bob Barnetson said...

Ah, they were the 15th foot! I had painted the 42nd foot earlier in the week. My bad!