Saturday, October 29, 2011

10mm AWI: 42nd Foot

I finished off another couple of British AWI units. This is the 42nd Regiment (The Blackwatch, I think) in kilts.

The figures are 10mm Pendraken. The figures were nice but it took me awhile to get the tartan right. I started off with blue and green but could never get enough contrast to make it how up in 10mm. So then I added in some white checks on the kilt and the band of the tam. It looks a bit polka-dotty up close but looks fine on the table.

I couldn't find a good reference for the fabric over the back of the shoulder so I went with a green and black plaid pattern.

Up next: The 15th foot and the 16th dragoons. I also have the last three British units on paint sticks downstairs. I'll then turn to the Americans. I also have some more 28mm superheroes underway.

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