Saturday, October 1, 2011

28mm Renaissance Crossbow and Shot

As promised, I finished off eighteen 28mm crossbow and shot figures figures this weekend. These are Perry plastics and are part of an early renaissance army I'm working on.

The first up are 9 crossbow. There is a fair bit of duplication of poses as I decided I didn't want to use the arm options that had the poor fellows reloading as I charged them to their deaths--I'd rather have more aggressive poses.

As per the feedback earlier this week, I tried to make the outfits slightly more colourful but not so much I could not slip them into a late medieval army. I see the glue on the shields is not quite dry yet.

I also did 9 shot figures. I'm partial to the figures third and fourth from the left.

I've painted a few shot before (some Old Glory I got in a trade, I think). I like these plastics have more depth to their poses.

Up next: I've finished most of the light troops for a 1/72 Macedonian DBA army and the bases are drying. I got these in trade from Tim in Saskatoon. I have assembled some of the pike as well as an artillery piece and they are currently under way. I hope to have this army finished by next weekend. I'm painting over a white primer (something I normally don't do but a few of the figures had been started this way) and the effect is nicely different.


Hendrid said...

Very nice figures. Looking forward to see the next installment.

DeanM said...

Wow - sorry for missing these so long ago - I was just skimming the 'net for figures. Very nice work on these!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Dean. I think these were Perry figures--nice plastics!