Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More 28mm heroes and villains

As I wait for some 10mm AWI to dry, I finished a few extra 28mm superheroes and villains.

This fellow's name escapes me (Gizmo maybe?). What I like is his jet pack. The flame was just orange when he arrived. I added in some red and yellow and a wash to bring it to life. Ihave left him on his Heroclix base for now.

I also finished two gun-toting goons and a cop (lady in the middle holding up her shield).

And, of course, there is the Penguin. The dip pooled on me on his coat so I may go back and re-do this.

Finally we have Green Arrow and Green Lantern. Green Arrow is one of those minor characters that I quite enjoy (and who won't be completely overwhelming on the tabletop). I'm not so keen on Green Lantern thus he stays on his Heroclix base,

Up next: Tonight is club night and I'll be playing a War of 1812 boardgame with Scott. I also have the last three British AWI units drying and will soon start on the Americans. I also have a buttload of superheroes set to arrive shortly.

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