Saturday, October 22, 2011

10mm AWI grenadiers

I'm continuing to move 10mm AWI guys through the painting process. These are some 10mm Pendraken British Grenadiers.

These were labelled "generic" grenadiers so they may be extras and not actually represent units present at Monmouth Courthouse.

I was quite happy with how the details come up (the vest above and the cartridge boxes below, for example).

Up next: Some AWI artillery and guards are drying. I also have some 28mm knights that I've started and a few more superhero bad guys to re-base.


Bob Barnetson said...

Huh, I just noticed the grenadiers have tassels hanging from their bearskin hats (bottom photo, right side of hat). Totally invisible to me at actual size! I will get that detail painted up before I package these up.

tim said...

That happens to me a lot too - paint something, take a picture, post it on the blog, THEN notice some glaring error that I would have otherwise never have noticed!? sometimes I wonder if I should just leave it - If I didn't notice until I took a picture and blew it up, who's ever going to notice it on the tabletop...!? But I think the fact that I know it's there would eventually drive me cRaZy!

tim said...

(I think the grenadiers look just awesome, by the way!)

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Tim. I'm not sure if it is aging eyes and a deep-seated character flaw ("what is wrong with me?") that causes me to miss what is obvious. In my defense, it was only visible to me at 400% of actual size! Oh well, no big thing to fix and I will watch for it on other figures.

Thanks for the kind words--I'm pretty happy with how they are turning out. Hand priming is working out much better than spray priming--a bit of the metal shows through on the high points and I can (mostly) see the detail much better.