Painted 28mm Crimean for sale

A few years back, I inherited a project from a fellow who was cleaning out his collection. I agreed to paint them and then move them on to someone else, splitting any cash I could raise with him. I finally finished painting them and am putting them up for trade or sale.

I've posted pictures of each type of figure below with a count of the number of figures. The counts include command figures which obviously have slightly different poses (flags, drums, bugles, swords, etc.). The command figure scan usually be swapped around to even out the number of figures in a unit. You can view all of the poses on the Foundry website.

The basing is foot (20x20mm), cavalry (25x50mm), foot cannon (80x80mm) and horse cannon (40x70mm). As far as I can tell, this using works for Black Powder. The base material is a thick floor tile and these can be saboted together in a movement tray if that's your preference. These come from a smoke- and pet-free home, if that matters to you.

28mm Foundry British Crimean War (185 bases)

There are three poses of line infantry: marching (x14), advancing (x14) and firing (x14).

This next groups includes infantry in fatigue caps marching (x26) and firing (x20), although these look to be different sculpts that what is currently offered (I would say these were bought in the 1990s). The fellow in blue is a French/Sardinian infantry advancing (x24).

There's one Royal Horse artillery limber.

And there are two Royal Horse cannons (maybe 32lbers?).

The cavalry include lancers (some upright and some charging, x16), Scots Greys charging (x10), and heavy dragoons (x12),

There are also a small number of command bases (x2, although, as I look at this photo, they are probably Scots Greys) and light dragoons (x12).

There are also 18 of these foot guards advancing.

28mm Foundry Russian Crimean War (122 bases)

The Russians include infantry in fatigue caps advancing (x28), infantry in great coats and helm firing (x8), and infantry in great coats and helm advancing (x43).

The cavalry include Cossacks (x13), Hussar lancers (x6), and dragoons (x21).

There are also foot cannon (x3 12 lbers maybe).

So looking at the bare metal costs today in Canadians dollars, this is about $1300 worth of figures (plus whatever you get hosed for shipping and duties). Honestly, that seems way too steep to me (I did the math twice and jeez....).

I'd be open offers of $500 or equivalent in trade and/or cash. I think that is a pretty good price for two painted armies.

Things I'd be interested in trading include:
  • 28mm pulp figures or D&D figures and terrain (including board games with such figures).
  • Old school 25mm TSR figures (D&D, Top Secret, Indiana Jones).
  • HO scale train buildings.
  • 15mm fantasy or medieval figures or terrain.
  • The Joan of Arc board game by Mystic games (mostly for the figures).
I might be open to other things. I'm not interested in GW figures, hex-and-counter games, your ancient Monster Manual, or low-ball offers. Offers to .

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