Sunday, August 1, 2010

28mm Zvezda Medievals

Awhile back, I traded Dave something or other for some plastic 28mm medievals that used to be produced by Zvezda for their Ring to Rule fantasy game. I was looking for some foot to complement some GW Bretonnians I had impulse bought on eBay. I put together two bases this weekend and painted them.

The box comes with 20 guys (basically 10 foot and 10 missile) but you can customize them somewhat. The foot can be spear or halberd and if you want 10 of each and no missile troops, you can do that. You can also make 10 long bow or 10 cross bow or make 20 missile troops and forgo the foot entirely. You can also make up a swordsmen army if you prefer.

Overall, they went together nicely. The spears were a bit finicky. Basically there is one set of hands and half of the shaft (single piece). Then you pick spear or halberd, cut the appropriate head piece out and attach it to the hands/shaft piece. The trick is mating the two shaft pieces together firmly and straight. The glueing surface is about half a mmm by 1mm (sort of a shelf cut out of the shaft on each side). This was periodically frustrating even with blue tack and much beseeching of the gods.

The spearmen look okay. I borrowed the colour scheme from Neldoreth but, of course, did a poorer job of it then he. I think these guys could be part of either a HoTT human army or part of a Burgundian Ordannance DBA army (based on the figures I have lying about).

I expect to do one more base of spear in the king's colours. I will also likely do a base of crossbow in the king's colours. The rest of the foot can be militia in more mixed outfits. I have a bunch of sprayed up bow for the first of two 8Bw (!) bases required.

The bow themselves were pretty easy to assemble and came with some loose arrows which were a nice way to vary the figures some. I also carved an arm or two. I also broke two feet of the figures while cutting due to the way the sprue is constructed. Oh well!

Up next: A 28mm HoTT/DBA Celtic camp is done and drying. It is very woodsie. I continue to work me way through some 28mm skeletons and have a bunch of 28mm medieval bow and knights with the primer drying. Tuesday is also club night so I need to pick a scenario or two for my AWi game. And I expect some 15mm commission figures (AWI and dwarves) to arrive. Finally, I have sorted out a large collection of 15mm eastern renaissance DBx armies and will be posting those up for sale.

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