Tuesday, August 24, 2010

FS: 28mm HoTT Mech Army


Tired of your HoTT opponents mocking your elves' pointy ears or dwarves' "gamer girth"? Give them a surprise next week by trotting out the MECH DEATH ARMY! This army includes 21 bases worth 45AP. All figures are 28mm plastics on bases with 60mm frontages.

Leading the charge through the worm hole or stargate are two huge mechs that would be suitable as behemoths. You could also use these are artillery.

There are also four smaller mechs that would be good as knights.

There are three bases of mechanized body armour. These could be used as riders or as flyers.

The core of this army are nine bases of three-man shooters. Each team includes two with submachine guns and one with a larger support weapon.

This is a front-back close-up.

There are also three special units. Left to right, there is a magician (technical wizards--could also be fielded as a cleric), a hero (with sidekick), and a lurker.

I'd like $100 OBO for these figures. Shipping in the USA and Canada will be $25. I'd love a description of your first game with them! Figures will be bubble wrapped and floated in a box of peanuts. Offers to bob.barnetson@shaw.ca .


tim said...

alright... this is just getting silly...

Nicely done, though. Where are the figures from?

Bob Barnetson said...

I got them at a swap meet on the weekend. I think they are all AT-43 figures--super expensive on ebay but cheap enough at the swap meet.

Kevin Barrett said...


Great figures...but which swap meet did you go to? Where was it?


Bob Barnetson said...

It was a red claw swap meet last Saturday. Got some very nice stuff (49 GW empire troops that look like renaissance Italians for $20 on the sprue, two warmaster 10mm fantasy armies for $40, Shadows over Camelot NIB for $25). There was also a bunch of stuff I didn't buy because it was apparently heirloom GW plastic based on the prices!

Scott M said...

I've heard pretty good things about Shadows over Camelot. Any historical stuff?

Bob Barnetson said...

Vaguely. Mostly it is a game (not that different from the Battlestar Galactica games where there is a hidden traitor who is revealed and can aid the game mechanics against the other players. I could bring it to the club one night; I think Craig and terry and someone played this summer.

Dave said...

Bob, are those 5th or 6th edition Empire troops? If so, could you be convinced to part with them for cash or trade?

Teenage Visigoth said...

Shadows over Camelot is great time and worth playing.

Well done Mr. Bob!