Monday, August 2, 2010

15mm Polish DBx/FoG Army for Sale

A friend has asked me to liquidate his wargaming collection. There are a number of eastern Rennaissance armies that I have broken up into DBx-sized lots. These are all based on 40mm frontages and are suitable for DBR, DBHx and Fields of Glory. If you would like more troops for FoG, we can likely oblige.

This lot comprises 12 foot and 24 mounted figures of Poles on 12 bases. We're asking $110 OBO plus $20 shipping in Canada or the US. We'll ship overseas as well but the cost would be higher.

This army has two bases of 3Kns with handpainted banners.

There are also two bases of winged hussars with banners.

I've done a close-up of the sides of the bases to show off the detail. These were all painted by a painting service.

There are two bases of 3Cv.

And there are three bases of 2LH.

Finally, there are three bases of fire-armed foot, including a hand-painted flag.

All offers can be made to Shipping is by Canada Post. Each base will be bubble wrapped and then will float in a box of filler (peanuts or rice crispies). Shipping includes tracking and insurance.

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