Thursday, September 1, 2011

WW1 tank and 100,000 views

Slightly more than two years from when I started this blog, I've crested 100,000 page view (100,709 this morning). This works out to about 300 views per post. That is staggering to me; thanks to all of the readers!

I finished a 1/76 WW1 tank from Airfix last night. This is a large vehicle--the frontage on the base is 60mm. I decided to assemble this as a male (came with male and female options) and struggled only with attaching the wheel and radiator assembly at the back.

This is the first unit in a WW1 HiTT (Hordes in the Trenches) army I'll be assembling. I ended up with a tonne of plastic WW1 British so I intend to turn them into something useful. I also have a couple of cool ideas for units.

As the leaves begin to turn, my mind wanders to what to do this winter. I am hopeful I can paint my way down to the bottom of the pile by Xmas. I figure that is about 400 or so figures (mostly 28mm plastic renaissance and some 1/72 AWI and WW1). This would push my annual painting total over 2000 (almost at 1800 now). Then I'd like to turn my mind to making some nicer terrain in 2012 as well as gaming a bit more.

Up next: 15mm Greek hopliltes, bolt throwers, and more hoplites and then onto some 1/72 AWI troops. After that likely more WW1 stuff.


adeptgamer said...

I love this tank, just a beautiful model and great war machine.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks, yes a nice model. The instructions say to build the sides with gun emplacements first then construct the body; I reversed that (added in the guns at the end) and that was much better. You wonder if the guy who wrote the instructions ever built the model?

Itinerant said...

Like the tank and congrats on the 100,000!

Itinerant said...

Oh yeah, how did you get the BoardGameGeek counter on the side bar?

Bob Barnetson said...

There was some code you could download on the BGG site (in the membership area) that I pulled off and added and a gadget in blogger. Sorry I can't be more specific than that--I just kind of fudged y way through it. Thanks on the 100,000--I was blown away by that number.

Dan said...

Very nice model, for HiTT you should pimp it up a bit with a turret (or not) great camo job.