Thursday, September 8, 2011

Last of the 15mm Greeks

I finished off the last 16 Greeks from a 15mm DBA commission. These are Xyston figures and spears. The owner will base these to match an existing basing scheme.

Overall, I think they look fine (although I'm always amazed by what I can see when look at a 4x or 6x image). I struggled again with these decals some--aligning them can be tricky as you can't see through the backer paper. And then some of the shields showed the decal line when I washed them to seal it so I repainted them with the decal in place.

It is interesting how a slight change in my production line causes unexpected wrinkles. I usually glue shields in place, spray prime and seal so there are multiple layers of adhesion. For these, I did the shields separately to allow for the decaling and glued them down. A few have come off so I've gone back and re-adhered them. Hopefully a tight bubble wrap will keep everything in place during shipping.

Up next: I have some Star Wars speeder bikes with the bases drying. Ditto some WW1 biplanes. I am basing some 1/72 AWI figures and I will look at spraying some WW1 1/72 Brits tonight.


Kevin Barrett said...

WWI Planes!!! 1/72 scale? Wanna play???

Bob Barnetson said...

No, Roden ruined me for 1/72 planes! These are some 6mm planes to make an aerial element for a Hordes in the Trenches army.

But I would play some Canvas Eagles or something sometime; need to get even with Elliot. Of course my efforts might be limited to a clumsy elbow to the flight stand...