Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dwarf Cavalry

I finished up 11 cavalry for my dwarves this afternoon. Gardening, putting the roof racks on the car and some cooking chewed up my painting time today so I was happy to get these done.

These were all figures from Battle Master.

Given the minimal amount of time I took painting them, I was pretty pleased with the outcome. There are three bases of knights and one of riders.

I also painted and based a cannon. It awaits a crew (currently on the painting table).

Up next: I have some dwarf shooters ready to be based and am working my way through the next 24 15mm AWI infantry. Flesh is done and I'm blocking in jackets and pants. Wow--there is a lot of detail on these guys! I also have a HoTT date tomorrow and the club on Tuesday.

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