Thursday, July 29, 2010

28mm Elves and Skeletons

While family visits and some yardwork have kept me busy, I have managed to finish up two small projects. First up were some 28mm High Elf archers.

I also did a High Elf lurker, based up my most recent experience playing this army.

This completes a second High Elf army of 34 AP: 3 spear, 5 shooters, 1 artillery, 1 lurker, 1 flyer, 2 riders/knights, 1 magician and 1 dragon).

I have also been painting up some skeletons that I got from Scott in trade at the club last week. While these are still being painted, I did finish a skeletal dragon with rider.

I have included some 28mm Romans here for scale. At the very least, this fellow is impressive!

Up next: Some 28mm skeletal hordes as well as a camp for the Marian Roman army. The figures are painted--just working on the camp itself. I may need a trip to a hobby store today for some trees and more flocking. In the longer term, I will also do a camp for my 28mm Celt army--again the figures are painted--just landscaping to work out.


Kevin Barrett said...


What's with the recent move to fantasy it HotT?

Bob Barnetson said...

Yes. Plus the figures I have available to paint. I'm only keeping a few armies (undead, maybe dwarves and some humans--the rest selling). But I'm still keen on historicals. Fantasy are just easier to paint and acquire because no one is button-counting.